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UNIX/Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows

Compare and contrast basic system differences.

Sariah Castanon

on 28 March 2013

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Transcript of UNIX/Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows

System Comparison Process Management
Microsoft UNIX/Linux vs. Mac vs. Windows Learning Team E Presents... Windows
Similar to UNIX/Linux
Relies more on threads
Processes have unique ID’s
Memory managed by the system
Processes detach from interface – Services
Task Manager
File Management UNIX/Linux Memory Management Stack File Management Windows Coral, Marc, Nicole & Sariah
March 27, 2013
Mr. Les Brown Memory Management Memory Management Process Management
Mac OS X File Management Security Security Process Management
UNIX/Linux Security Basic Database Functions
Creating, Protecting, & Retrieving
Lock Functions- flock & lockf
File Types
Primary Functions- Read, Write, & Execute Mac OS X Reflective of UNIX
File System Permissions
POSIX (Portable Operating System Interface) Standard
3 Levels of Access- Read, Write, & Execute
ACL's (Access Control Lists)
ACE's (Access Control Entries) Provides Control
Multiple File Systems
Data Encryption & Compression
NTFS (New Technology File System)
MFT (Master File Table)
Encryption Types
EFS (Encryption File System)
BitLocker Encryption
Documents, Music, Pictures,
& Videos Any Questions??? http://geekscrap.com/2010/01/process-management-roundup-1/ http://geekscrap.com/2010/01/process-management-roundup-1/ http://geekscrap.com/2010/01/process-management-roundup-1/ Mac, Linux/UNIX, & Windows Authentication & Verification
Security passwords
User IDs
hashed passwords Security preserves
Availability Heap movement
dependency Random
Fragmentation 4 GB Plenty of Room For All 16GB RAM 32 vs 64 8 TB Virtual Memory UNIX/Linux – System V init (sysinitv)
Efficient at creating processes
Built around that everything is a “file”
Processes also detach from interface – Daemons (from Redhat)
ftp service
KDE (graphical window system)
Processes are controlled through commands
Top – similar to Task Manager Mac OS X - Launchd
10.4 (Tiger) and later
Searches for plist files
Monitors processes
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