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Chris Turbak: Counseling Portfolio

My view of the counseling process. How does counseling work? What counseling theory do I follow? How does that help my clients? How do I sell myself as a counselor? What population do I want to work with?

Chris Turbak

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of Chris Turbak: Counseling Portfolio

BS, CDCT How does change occur? Theory of Choice Families and Addiction As a counselor I hope to work with families and addictions. As an undergraduate student I received a degree from the Addiction Studies department. Also, during my graduate studies I worked as the graduate assistant for the Addiction Studies department. At this time I began teaching the online Alcohol Use and Abuse freshmen level course. As a student in the Clinical Mental Health Counseling graduate program, I participated in a family counseling practicum. Finally, during my internship I was able to work with addictions in a group and individual setting. Chris Turbak An individual must first have the motivation to create change. This motivation can come from within or from outside sources, however, the source of the motivation matters little in creating actual change. Counselors can build this motivation through developing ambivalence in the prospect of things remaining the same.
Change is not a difficult thing to achieve, we make changes on a daily basis. The difficulty lies in maintaining change once it has occurred. In order to help this process a counselor can help the individual identify the connection between their beliefs, behaviors, feelings, and thoughts. This understanding can help a person understand why they make certain decisions and can in turn lead to more positive decisions. The theory I choose to employ with my clients is Cognitive Behavioral theory. This theory is beneficial for my clients because it helps them develop an understanding of why they continually make destructive decisions in their life. Through an increased understanding clients are able to catch themselves prior to making a negative decision and turn it into a positive choice. Me as a Counselor As a counselor I believe in treating clients not as a client but as a person. It is my opinion that too often, counselors see the client as a diagnosis and someone to fix, rather than a person no different from the counselor. Clients are not coming to see me in order to feel judged or labeled and that is not why I became a counselor. At times, all of our lives become unmanageable and we could all use the help of someone who cares. So as a counselor, I sell my services by showing that I am someone who cares.
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