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Ethics in Pharmaceuticals

No description

Casey Anderson

on 26 April 2010

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Transcript of Ethics in Pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceuticals and what either shows their efficacy or their negative effects on today's world... In 2002 there were only 149 administrators in the FDA of the facilities that export drugs to the United States... ...in 2008 that number dropped to 102 The resources needed to allow this department of the government to give the standards of in-country companies to international ones have never been alloted While the government is struggling to provide adequate measures for the safety of imported drugs, the practice of gift-giving has also been struggling... "Gift-giving is an extremely useful marketing tool because it triggers in the recipient the basic human tendency to reciprocate whether the recipient is concious of it or not..." One example where we see the beginning of what could be done to eliminate this bias-producing practice, are states such as Vermont that have policies in place making it mandatory to disclose all gifts to practitioners over $25. Aspects I would like to elaborate on... recent views of this way of business have been changing and developing, but how do these decisions, based on governmental views of right and wrong, effect the way we're treated by our doctors... On the otherhand, some professionals believe that to assume that the gift of a pen with a pharma company name on it or a stack of sticky-notes would change the doctor's opinion of the medication without proper investigation is a complete lack of trust in the medical world and its expertise... NoFreeLunch.org : Pen Amnesty program "Patients should be confident that the drug being prescribed is the most cost-effective, not the most promoted." "Is that lunch really free? Someone is paying for all these gifts, and an argument can be made that these costs are passed off to patients, in the form of higher drug costs." Question for the class: Are golf balls and clubs with a product or company name an acceptable gift? According to the new code of conduct, recently founded by PhRMA's Board of Directors, golf balls and sports bags, even if of minimum value, do not primarily entail a benefit to patients and are not primarily associated with the health care professional's practice, even if they bear the name of the product or company's name. This means of the average 2400 companies that export pharmaceuticals to the US, each year the FDA is only testing about 300. Also, I think it would be very interesting to see the percentages of these drug companies revenues that go into the making and distributing of these gifts. The End... Thank you!
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