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06.05 Module Six Project

No description

Khalil Aqqad

on 4 October 2013

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Transcript of 06.05 Module Six Project

06.05 Module 6 Project
Khalil Aqqad
The Problem
Water Polution
In my community, water pollution can often become a
very serious problem. Pollution from sewage spills, storm runoff, road salt, and
The Issue
The problem in my community that I chose to research is the issue of water pollution. Water pollution can start by sewage spills, storm runoff, road salt, marine dumping, oil pollution, and underground leaks. In my community these factors can combine to pollute the water, turning it undrinkable and unusable.
Water Pollution
Who Does It Affect?
Local Residents:
International Trade:
Goods, Services,
& Finances:
Drinking, or even being in contact with the polluted water can make people sick. Also, a possible
outbreak can start and affect the entire area.
A business like a restraunt would not be able to run, and the health of the employees would be jeopardized. A farmer would not be able to water or grow their crops, and therefore would not be able to make any money.
Government will need to promote new laws and regulations to help and keep water clean.
*Clean Water Act was made
If the US exports a product made with the polluted water, that country that imports it can become sick with a "foreign' sickness. That country might not have the immune system for the new disease/ sickness.
If a product is made with the polluted water, people may become sick. The product will be recalled and the company will lose money and business.
All Possible Solutions / Alternatives
What Can We Do to Adress This Issue?:
Talk to people and businesses to stop bad habits and find ones that won't hurt the environment
or cause more water pollution to continue.
What Can Others Do?:
Others can spread the message to others, who can talk to others about how to help this water pollution problem,
the Ripple Effect.
Are There Muliple Perspectives?:
One perspective may be to build a whole city-wide water filtering system. Another might be for every house hold to have their own. While another perspective might be to just try and reduce the pollution, and then no filters will be needed. These perspectives can differ based on money and finances, how bad people think the problem really is, and an individual's role withen the water pollution.
Postitive / Negative Externalities:
(All Negative)
Harm plants, animals, and humans.
Businesses not able to function, therefore losing money.
Diseases from pollution can spread all over the World from trade.
Government can get hate, and lose followers if the "right" action is not taken
(if they help and keep things clean) they will stay healthy and not become in contact with
a potential disease.
Their business could potentially lose a lot of money if affected by the pollution. Therefore,
they will try and avoid anything that threatens that from happening.
If the government does not help the issue, people will not be in favor and will want new
people to represent them...vote the current representatives out.
-Cost a lot of money
- A lot of labor to enforce
-New and more jobs available (ex. people to put up signs, building the filter systems)
-Extra business for purification businesses
Necessary Work Conditions:
The necessary work conditions would be having people on board with idea and every aspect that comes with it. Including the money spent on it, setting it up, and following with the plan to reduce the pollution. People will need to help as much as they can if they want any change to happen.
Budget / Labor Concerns:
There would be a budget concern, becasue if it is too expensive people won't want to help with or support the solution. We would have to get the most efficient solution for the least amount of money. I dont think there would be a lobor concern because individuals need jobs and businesses need money. In my understanding, it would not be a concern if the demand for jobs is high.
Public Awareness:
I think the public should be aware of and support the solution. If the public people are being affected by the water pollution, and they even have some control over the problem, they should know what is being done to help.
There are many challenges to each solution. One would be to change people's bad habits. Figuring how much money to spend and still have support from the community might be another challenge. A third concern would be how efficient each solution would be. We wouldnt want to pick a solution that barely helps at all, and have wasted all that money. A final challenge would be how long would each solution take until it can start working;. The community is going to want something that starts working instantly, and if they have to wait a couple years, the support is deffinetly going to die down.
Judging the Solutions:
To judge each solution against the others, I would look at the pros & cons of each solution. I would also look at how each solution deals with the challenges already discussed. The solution that deals with the challenges the best, andhas more pros than cons, would the the solution I would choose.
Parents' View:
My parents said that for my family it is not always a big deal, that we've only had a couple encounters
with water pollution. But they said how some people aren't as lucky and struggle alot with it. For a solution, they said they wouldn't like to spend a lot of money, just because we don't struggle with it. However, it would always be good to still have something ready, in case it were ever to become a problem.
I think externalities should factor into the chosen solution. I would want to pick the solution that has the most postive externalities, and least negatives because you don't want to punish, hurt, or negatively effect people who aren't affected or related to this problem, third party people.
Possible Solutions
1. Individual home and business water filter systems
2. Posting signs about road salt use, marine dumping restrictions, and other factors that can be
controlled by people's actions.
3. Installing a city-wide water filter that will protect all residents and businesses
4. Having people use BRITA water filters
Meeting the Criteria
Solution 1:
This solution could be pretty costly, depending on which system you chose. However, not everyone would be obligated to pay for it to use it if they didn't need it. If they are not being affected by it, why would they want to pay to help the issue? People would have the choice whether if they wanted it. This would open up jobs and more business to install all the systems.
Solution 2:
Posting the signs would not be too costly. It would not force anyone into any choices about the problem, they would just be there for everyone's use and viewing to stop bad habits. However, posting signs would not open a lot of jobs, if any at all.
Solution 3:
Installing a city-wide filter system would be costly to everyone, even those who are not affected and do not want to be protected. This solution would also take a lot of time to complete, before it can start working and protecting people. However, to install a city-wide filter would open up many jobs for those without work and the skills to set it up.
Solution 4:
The BRITA water systems would be a low cost solution, and also give people the choice if they want it or not. However for those who do want it, it doesn't give alot of filter choices, just for sinks and drinking water. You still would not get clean water for showers. Also, it wouldn't open up any jobs because the individuals / business would install it themselves.
The Decision
My decision was to combine two of the solutions, number 1 and 2. I chose to combine them, because i think they both show and have different points that are all equally important. I chose solution 1 because it does what is needed to be done, which is filtering water. The home owner/ business has the option whether or not they want to use it or not, compared to solution 3 where there wasn't a choice. I thought that was an important point to the final solution. I also chose solution 2 because I think it is important to just remind and show everyone the restictions about polluting water. Some water pollution is uncontrolable, and it is important to realize you cannot stop everything. However, a lot of water polluion is controlable and if it can be stopped, it should be. The signs will remind everyone, regardless if they are being affected or not, what is allowed and what can be done to help prevent and reduce water pollution. That is why I chose to combine both solutions 1 and 2 for my final solution.
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Circular Flow Diagram
The necessary work conditions would be having people on board with idea and every aspect that comes with it. Including the money spent on it, setting it up, and following with the plan to reduce the pollution. People will need to help as much as they can if they want any change to happen.
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