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Enroute: Kids Tracking System

No description

Tavisca Solutions

on 6 November 2013

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Transcript of Enroute: Kids Tracking System

Enroute: Kids Tracking System
Responsible Parents

Features – Contd.
If lost device can be remotely invoked to find the location

Lets the kid separate from the device upto 1 Km’s

Sleeps when in home and school under certain configurations

The device is tamper proof

Highly extensible

Kids Tracking

Vehicle tracking

Fuel theft tracking

Any small item like key chain tracking

Anti theft device

Over speeding alerts

Location based Ads displays

Thank You
Product Features
The device tracks kids with an accuracy of 1 m
Send alerts at an interval of 5 mins
Geo Fencing, lets you set alerts when kids are out of certain Geo fenced Zone
Multiple people can receive alerts
Smart battery management
At 50% sends alert for charging
At 35% puts itself in standby
At 25% goes in sleep

Every 8 min 1 Kid goes missing in India
-by WSJ
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