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Professional Growth Plan

No description


on 27 July 2017

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Transcript of Professional Growth Plan

Professional Growth Plan
Short term goals
Things I would like to accomplish in the next 1 - 4 years in SD23
Mid-range goals
Overview of goals
Short term goals (apprentice stage)
Create a Montessori-inspired classroom
Weave in intergenerational learning
Primary teaching

Mid range goals (professional stage)
Update French proficiency

Long term goals (expert stage)
Implement intergenerational learning across the district
Bringing intergenerational learning across the district
Long term goals
Alex Rancourt - Montessori Cohort
Vision statement - future

To create a supportive and caring classroom community where students feel empowered to learn, grow and take risks. To be a flexible and effective educator who is constantly aware of my students’ needs and willing to adjust my teaching to enable their successes.

Mission statement- purpose

To guide students on their education journey through life by supporting their growth, encouraging their passions and developing their weaknesses.
Creating a Montessori-inspired classroom
for students:
incorporating Montessori ideas
into a non-Montessori school
student-led learning
➵→→- students that feel confidant to choose their own learning path, ask questions, demonstrate a passion for learning, do work in their own way
small group teaching based on ability not grade
- students that are able to learn at their own pace, don't feel rushed or slowed down, high ceiling low floor lessons
greetings, socialization
- handshakes in am/pm, introductions during parent-teacher conference, Virtues Project
practical life skills -
student feel proud of classroom, having classroom jobs/responsibility, creating community through communal snacks/lunches
classroom setup
- minimalist, clean, natural lighting, students feel calm and settled

for self:
continuing to
expand my own Montessori knowledge
keeping up to date on
revisiting readings
from summer 2016
maintaining ties
with Montessori cohort/teachers, conversations

Montessori cohort
Teachers from Tyee (practicum school) / SAs
Anjum Khan (FA) / Debbie Adams (head of VSB Montessori Development)
Online / books / materials gathered throughout year at UBC
Weave in intergenerational learning
for students:
consistent opportunities
for my students to interact with elders in the community
arranging for
regular visits
- allow students to build relationships with elders
make room for
student input
into visits - give students opportunity to
allow for
- students will have the opportunity to discuss and write about how these visit affect them
create understanding
- guide students towards understanding why these visit are important, creating empathy, stopping agism, putting themselves in others' shoes

for self:

continuing to inquire
about the effects of intergenerational learning
reaching out
to seniors homes, community centres in the area
doing my own

about my own observations, asking how can I improve my methods
doing an in-school inquiry

Materials gathered during UBC inquiry project
Kelowna / Lake Country community
SD23 school district
Become a successful primary teacher
for students:
to have a teacher who helps
them through their first years of elementary school
to be supportive and create a safe space for 1/2 students to learn and grow
students should feel comfortable approaching me and taking risks

for self:
be able to
confidently and creatively
teach lower elementary
to keep learning and growing by tapping into my resources and asking lots of questions
keep a record of how lessons/routines go so I can analyze and improve on them

SA + staff from practiucm school
close friend who is primary teacher
cohort members who taught primary
new colleges
online sources / books
Reach a fluent level of French (again)

for self:
to become proficient enough in French to teach

Attend the
Institut de Français
, UBC à Québec (http://pdce.educ.ubc.ca/institut-de-francais-ubc-a-quebec/#tab_Description-0)
Use experience of working in a French Immersion school to find French
& learn from co-workers

for students:
to help students form a love of learning French
create a supportive environment for them to learn - help students feel safe to take risks
share my own enthusiasm for French - inspire students to feel excited about learning a new language

SA (Nellie)
future co-workers at PG Elementary (half is a French Immersion school)
UBC teacher (Beverly)
District / administration at PG Elementary
Things I would like to accomplish in the next 5 - 9 years
Things I would like to accomplish in the next 10+ years
for students:
across the district have the opportunity to paracipate in intergenerational learning

for self:
to keep trying to make links between the elders within the community and the schools of the district

scholarly articles to support these project
other teachers in the district (inquiry project?)
This is the least developed goal, as I'm not sure how this will work in the distirct I'll be moving too!
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