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The importance of safeguarding as a professional working with children and young people.

naomi kitley

on 7 April 2014

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Transcript of Safeguarding

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Lord Laming Report 2003
Every Child Matters 2003
Bichard Inquiry Report 2004

What happened?

What changed in Legislation?

How did this improve Safeguarding for children?
The Importance of Safeguarding as a Professional Working with Children and Young People.

By Naomi Kitley TRCO102

What is Safeguarding?
Why is Safeguarding Important?
What Legislation is in place to support Safeguarding Children?
Five Outcomes
Early Years Foundation Stage 2004
What I do as a practitioner to
Implement and support
in my work place.
Why is Safeguarding Important?
What is safeguarding?
Lord Laming report 2003
Victoria Climbie 1991-2000
A Incident that brought forward the review of Child Protection in England.
Injuries sustained from the abuse Victoria Climbie contained.
Common Assessment Framework (CAF)
Practitioners and Parents
Child's Needs
Share Information
Team Around the Child (TAC)
Multi-Disciplinary Team
Supports the child and families
Child abuse can be.....
Peter Connelly
Lord Laming Review 2009
Progress Report.
Munro Report 2010
2006- 2007
How I Implement Safeguarding in my work place?
Being healthy
Staying safe
Enjoying and achieving
Making a positive contribution
Achieving economic well-being
Keeping Children Safe 2003
Childcare Act 2006
Integrating services to children
Local authorities working together to safeguard children.
Update the physical punishment legislation
Introduced the Early years foundation stage
The Early years Register EYR)
General childcare Register
Replaced part 10A of the children Act 1989
How and why this Legislation came into force?
My responsibility as a practitioner to support Safeguarding?
Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB)
What is LSCB?
How this was put into force?
Working Together to Safeguard Children Act 2010
What procedures I would take if I suspected a child was being abused?
1991 - 2002
Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman

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