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Science 2 Games

A Revolutionary New Way to Look at Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle

Bridget Bengard

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Science 2 Games

Goals Product Overview Progress Competition Team Revenue Create a dynamic tool
with a real-world connection Our c Provide motivation
for a healthy lifestyle
that is fun and educational Develop a health simulation that promotes a
balanced diet and exercise features include:
product recognition
virtual character feedback
nutrition education
health tracking Our company's product is primarily a smart-phone application that
caters to the health and psychological needs of the consumer.

It essentially translates to a health diary, except with a dynamic twist. Along with recording
daily health decisions, it provides the customer with personal nutrition information and advice,
with conventional features that are designed to facilitate the process. Primary Source of Revenue:
Tiered Pricing Structure:
low primary price of application
charge for additional features

Customization of Personal Avatar
Additional features like GPS locator, health habits identification, and more. Secondary Source of Revenue Part I:

Our plan is to tap into the billion dollar annuam
"virtual goods" industry by allowing customization of the user's avatar.
Part II:
Find a Partner
We feel that eventually, we will be in a good position to partner up with a larger company.
Consequently, this would give us greater leverage and better financial strength to expand our line of products.
For example, currently both Google and Microsoft are investigating this realm of cognitive healthcare.
Part I:
Embedded Advertising
Within the application, especially within the cheaper version, we will include advertising for health related services and other companies.

Part II:
Licensing to Corporations

Our data that we collect through
the application is extremely valuable.
Consequently, this presents a business opportunity. Our product is the only one that offers so many features for
the health interested individual. Here is a table illustrating our superior collection An advantage our company has is that quite a bit of research has
already been accomplished.

Here is a list of real world experience
our technology has had: Carnegie Mellon University's Entertainment Technology Center
Pittsburgh, PA
Prototype was developed in 2006, exists as a precursor to our version.
Tested on pre-teen girls in Austrailia
Attempted to bring technology to US but the technology was unavailable at the time. Cognitive Helath Media Group at UCSB www.sbcfit.org
cFit will provide research participants and advise the project.
Our principal investigator is aso the director of the program, www.healthgamesresearch.org Everyday Technologies for Alzheimer's Care A grant awarded in August 2009 to develop a network that supports adherence to cognitive health lifestyles.

Science2Games is a consultant for the project and the project desires to use our proudct for their social network. Center for Clinical Pharmacology at
University of Pittsburgh research on obesity and diabetes in West Virginia
Science2Games is currently writing an SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research) with the project. Etcetera Edutainment Studio
Pittsburgh, PA
Etcetera specializes in 3D simulation tools on behalf of Carnegie Mellon University
They will be developing a nutrition game and is interested in collaborating with Science2Games .
We will be meeting in June to discuss options. Bridget Bengard
4th year student at UCSB.
Majoring in Business/Economics with a minor in Spanish, along with the TMP
Worked at a start-up in San Francisco at a cell-phone related company.
Has worked in agricultural management besides that. David Pain
2nd Year Mechanical Engineer
Experienced as an intern in Bridet and Yasin are the best....EVER!!!!
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