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60's Scavenger Hunt

School project

Steven Khuu

on 12 October 2012

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Transcript of 60's Scavenger Hunt

60's Scavenger Hunt By Steven Khuu Slang language used in the
60's Flower Child Hippie Cool Good
(Very overused in the 60's) Stoked Excited Go/Gone/Went Ape To go crazy Ankle Biter Baby or a young child Popular song Note: The next two
song are performed
by the Beatles.
(Ticket to Ride and
Hey Jude) Popular Dance The mashed potato was
a dance craze in the 60's
usually danced to the song
"Mashed Potato Time" Clothing(and Hair)
in the 60's This is an example of
how men and women
looked in the 60's
(This is a picture of
John F. Kennedy and
Jacqueline Kennedy) Cars This is a
1968 Plymouth
Roadrunner Historical events in the
60's The Vietnam War
Begins -1961 John F. Kennedy becomes the president of the U.S.A
and is assasinated-1963 Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I have a dream"
speech-1963 Credits:
Interview with Neil Armstrong (1930-2012) Neil Armstrong was an adult in the 1960's.
I would think his favorite and least favorite things about the 1960's were about NASA because that's mainly what he was involved in at that time. For example his favorite would be taking the first step on the moon and least favorite would be the difficulty of the misson.
I do not think Neil Armstrong watched T.V. in the 1960's. STOKED! ---------------
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