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Ch1 - Getting on Course

Getting on course to your success

Dennis Swender

on 17 June 2013

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Transcript of Ch1 - Getting on Course

Getting on Course to Your Success (in real life)
IVYT 120 Mr. Swender
Reviewing some stuff
The human brain is amazing! But if we don't use it, we lose it.
Look at those fancy pictures of the nuerons in Chapter 1. The picture on the left is what happens if we don't use it. If we stretch our brain, we end up like the picture on the right.
The only bad thing, if you don't revisit your learning (study), you will lose it and you'll go back to the left.
This process is call synaptic pruning - your brain gets rid of what isn't used.
Horseback Riding
Ever been horseback riding? (English)
I have - I took lessons for a long time and it is a great illustration of how learning works!
The bottom line: Get in your heals or you'll die.
When you learn to ride, first you walk. You spend 30 minutes preparing a horse and you walk. I didn't want to walk. I wanted to ride like the Rohirrim! But I walked and balanced in my heels in the stirrups.
Walking and balancing seems easy, but I couldn't walk the next day.
Eventually I got to trot! After realizing how difficult it was to balance, I thought I was hot stuff trotting!

Trotting is when the horse kicks it up a knotch and goes just a big faster than a walk.... BUT, you have to post! Posting is when your but at the horse sync so you don't destroy your body. You rise and fall with the gate of the horse. Sounds easy, but it wasn't.

After several months of walking, balancing, and trotting, I finally got to canter! (when the horse runs!) I only went about 10 steps and thought I was going to die! It was amazing.
It took a lot of practice to canter well! After a few months the trainer let me and my wife canter at will in an open field. It was intense (it was also 100 degrees!)

I joked with the trainer about learning to jump.

I learned to not joke about those things anymore.
(This isn't me!)

My first jump was really the horse walking over a beam. I almost fell off.

I eventually got to 3 foot jumps. This is the trainer doing a 5 foot jump.

There is nothing like riding on the back of a horse and flying through the air! Or cantering through a field! It is intense.

But you know what you need to know in order to jump? How to walk, balance, and post. If you can't (won't) take the time to learn the less exciting stuff, you'll probably never get to fly.
There is a lot of discipline that is needed when it comes to learning. Are your dreams worth it?
You Have to Have a Some Accurate Beliefs!
Sometimes we learn we can't do things. If fact, we buy in to it so much we are afraid to try!
We can all Yalp! Sometimes we just need the chance.

You're lucky this is an online class. I do this to my students in my Face-to-face Classes.
Just kidding...
But really, do you get it? Do you believe you can DO college? We all have limitations, but there are skills we can learn to help us learn... like the C.O.R.E. process - know it and love it. It works!
Watch This:
Continued... after the ad
You know what these videos had in common? (Besides including people dressed in tights?)

EVERYONE said this show would be impossible.
1. Disney couldn't buy the Old Possums Book of Practical Cats by TS Eliot... but Andrew Lyod Webber did.

2. The show had no headliner, and the only name they did have broke her leg before the show went on stage. But, Eliane Page became a theater legend and is considered The First Lady of British Theater to this day (this was almost 30 years ago.)

3. The stage was set for a TV studio - not dance. But Gillian Lynne choreographed it anyway.

4. No one could do the dances. Literally dancers couldn't keep up with the show. There was an incredible number of injuries the first several years... but now, dance studios teach these routines to 8th graders.

It takes a lot of training to do something like this. But, what was once thought impossible with professional dancers is now done with 8th graders.

Now, since this is an online class, feel free to dress up and dance away, but in reality we are the CATS - what we might have believed to be impossible at one point in our lives is possible. You just need to be a creator!
When people change their beliefs and behaviors to create the best results they can.
The Creator
I'm not talking about some feel good movie where you can do it all if you only BELIEVE. Pop culture sells us TONS of books, movies, and music all telling us we are good enough, smart enough, and dawg-gone-it, people like us.

I'm sure you're likeable but our belief in ourselves comes from successful challenging experiences! Notice I said challenging.

Registering for classes was the easy part - you may feel good that you did it, but don't get too fluffy on me.
Not the Fluff You've Been Told
The Creator needs to be fed.
It is like a big baby! If it isn't fed with a healthy balance of wise choices with positive outcomes, it gets sick.

The sickness comes in the form of the Inner-Critic and the Inner-Defender.

The Inner-Guide is where you want to be. It is the voice telling you to make the most of it! It tells us the truth - even when we don't want to hear it.

You have to be cautious because sometimes the Inner-Critic and the Inner-Defender sound like they have the truth.
What you're supposed to do when you don't like a things is change it.

If you can't change it, change the way you think about it.

Don't complain.

(anyone want to argue with Maya Angelou's grandmother?)
Maya Angelou
If you were in high school anytime since the 70's you've been a product of the self-esteem movement.

Don't get me wrong, I want everyone to have an accourate self-esteem... but I was told that everything I needed to do whatever I wanted was right inside me. My heart! They lied!
False sense of accomplisment
It takes a lot more than heart!
Academic Ability!
Social Capital
Did I say money?!
The movement.
Interesting social commentary: http://www.generationme.org/

So interesting they made a musical about the generation that was promised everything. Now they have more student loan debt that ALL CREDIT CARD DEBT in the world (if we thought the housing recession was bad, just wait till this tide hits!)

It doesn't suck to be you, but dreams need you to make choices and take responsibility!
It is hard work!
To Review
Learning takes work. It might hurt, but it is worth it
What might have seemed impossible, is possible.
Accurate views of our self (self acceptance) will feed off your Creator, which feeds off your inner-guide. It is one big cannibalistic cycle!
(Sometimes the victim, defender, and critic are not internal but external. You might review your relationships.)
This is a pretty cool video. I typically don't buy in to '3 step' plans to success, but this man has got some good things to say!
Success Message
Extra Credit Alert
E-mail me a description (in your own words) of the 8 characteristics of successful students and struggling students.
Do this before you do the pre-assessment and Journal 1.
15 bonus points!
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