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No description

Ali Lieberman

on 28 January 2014

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Transcript of Pizza

DATE: January 15, 2014
TEAM: Ali Lieberman, Taylor Mann, and Andrew Quinn
Expert Input and Needs- Consumer Survey
Eating Pizza Survey
1. What is the biggest problem you experience when eating pizza?
- Too hot, unstable, messy,
2. Have you ever tried to fix this problem yourself? If so, what did you do? Did it work?
- No or I was more careful
3. Have you ever tried to eat pizza on the go? How did it work out for you?
-yes, it is hard because it is messy
4. How do you eat pizza? Fold it in half? etc…
-"normally" or folded in half
5. Are you aware that pizza boxes are not actually recyclable? Does this concern you?
-I was not aware and it does concern me
6. How often do you buy pizza by the slice
-Frequently or Occasionally
Expert Input and Needs- Corporate Interview
Interview w/ Pizza Hut (phone, 10/14/13):
1. What is the biggest complaint/struggle people have when eating pizza?
Problem with pizza boxes: need to be more sturdy for transport, insulated to keep pizza warm
2. Have you ever developed or considered a solution for this problem?
Liners to protect cardboard from grease from pizza, box supports to allow pizzas to be stacked, more insulated carrying bag to keep pizza warm for longer.
3. Present our idea; comments, questions, suggestions?
Good ideas, possibly make it a plate and box in one.
4. Do you think our idea is marketable? Would restaurants buy and use it?
Yes, a box for two pizza slices.
5.Would customers use?
Yes, make sure the material isn’t flimsy.
6. Do you believe it will be effective? Do you see any flaws in our design?
Talk to small, non-chain pizza places. Roma’s or other places that sell pizza by the slice
When on the go, eating a slice of pizza is difficult because it is messy and hot. Also, using a plate or box is inconvenient because it is cumbersome to carry.
Existing Solutions
Statement of Purpose
Our goal is to create a portable plate or holder which can be used to eat an individual slice of pizza on the go.
Executive Summary
Through research, we will design a manufactured product that will make it easier to eat pizza on the go. Through surveys and interviews, we will gain primary knowledge of the needs of consumers. With this knowledge, we will design different prototypes until the consumers are satisfied with the results or the constraint limits have been reached.
Performance Benchmark
The product will be considered successful when one of the following happen
randomly selected group of testers use it for its purpose and have positive feedback.
The product is patented for use by businesses
Math, Science, and Engineering Concepts
Material Engineering
to determine the best material for our needs
Mechanical Engineering
to design the product
to design the product in 3-D and 2-D forms
Gantt Chart
November - May
Preliminary Tests
Design Specifications
Ethical Safety
The material used in this design is non toxic with minimal chemical components. It is environmentally friendly. We take the safety of our product very seriously because we understand that consumers of all ages will be using our product. It will be safe for both children and adults.
Service Life, Durability and Maintenance
Environmental Impact
This product is designed to have a low environmental impact. It is designed to be recycled after use. Making the product environmentally friendly is a major focus for the design team because most current pizza boxes are not recyclable after use. Society has turned its focus to being more environmentally friendly and we would like to cater to consumer needs by making our design recyclable.
This product is designed to last for a single use and then be recycled. It will most likely be a part of the single use pizza boxes that consumers receive when they by a single slice of pizza from chains like Sbarro.
It is designed to be durable enough to last for 1 use and should be recycled after use. The product does not require any maintenance.
Decision Matrix
Our design will be mainly focused on being affordable and environmentally friendly. We have to be able to mass produce our product while spending as little as possible. Since we plan to have our product mass produced, we also want it to be recyclable so that it won't have such a negative impact on the environment. Our design will also be durable and very sturdy so that it will be easy for consumers to carry, but will still be able to support the weight of the pizza.
Customer Expectations
Customers are concerned with:
Recyclability of pizza boxes
Messy, hot, greasy pizza
Building Procedure
List of Parts:
-Full single serving pizza box
-Plate (will tear away from the box)
Step-by-Step Building Process:
-Cut perforations in box in a triangle pattern w/ a handle
-Cut perforations for parallel lines across the width of the plate, about an ince between lines

Final Design
We expect our design to be relatively affordable to produce. We estimate that our original prototype will cost about $10, and we hope to reduce the cost further after producing a working prototype. We are asking for $5,000 to produce our first 500 product.
Preliminary Design Review
The current design differs from the other designs that were considered for several reasons.
perforated bottom tears off rather than folding under
edges on the sides prevents pizza from falling off before ready to eat
material used will be a two part system with cardboard and poly coated, water repellant paper
handle will be bigger than first planned
Technical Drawings
Assembly Procedure/Tool Selection/Tool Saftey
No Consumer Assembly Required
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