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No description

Aman adlakha

on 27 April 2011

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Transcript of adas

Flash Gaming It all Starts From Flash Flash Provides Animation Video Interative web Gaming Reqires Coding Platform Designing We used Action Scipt 2.0 Action Script is abject oriented We used vector and raster graphics for animation Action Script was Designed for
controlling 2D animation commonly used command: gotoAndplay(); Adobe Flash 8 Includes: Layering: Allows us to add multiple objects in a frame Frame Set : Allows toggling among diffrent frames Coding area : where we can create a logic sequence for our game Basically includes the development of objects of a game For example : Road , trees , cars etc Our Develped Game
Car Racing Project by:
Aman Adlakha 0821483107
Prashant Goel 0581483107
Gandharv Jagrat 0571283107 Button (Start)
on press(){
Movieclip(player)-our car which can move left and right, speed increases by pressing spacebar

if (Key.isDown(Key.LEFT)&&(this._x>110)) this._x -= speed;
if (Key.isDown(Key.RIGHT)&&(this._x Movieclip(enemy)-moves in random direction, comes in opposite direction of the player

this._y += speed;
if (this._y > 400) {
this._y =-50;
this._x = Math.random()*330+30;
speed = Math.random()*10+15;

Scoring-increase by a value of 5

Runs on Two Platforms Mobile(Flash Compatible) PC Compatible The Important changes from PC to Mobile Compatibility 1.Change in Resolution to 240*360
2.Reduction in Processes
3.Introduction of New Control System
4.Keeping Low Frames Per Second
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