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No description

Omar Ali

on 8 February 2016

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Transcript of Electronics

* Comparison.
* Observation (Holes and conventional current).
* Doping (Intensive & Extensive semiconductors).
* N- type & P- type.
* Observation (Carrier transportation)
* Observation (Gauess law)
"The amount of electric field we can measure on surface is proportional to the net charge enclosed by this surface"
* P-N junction.
* P-N junction biasing.
* Diode & Application.
90 sec quiz: What could be diode applications?
* Conductors.
* Insulators.
* Semiconductors.

* NPN & PNP ..
* Observation (Concept of carrier injection).
* Observation ( Effect of Asymmetric doping).
* Bipolar junction transistor.
* Active mood.
Switch mood
* Cuttoff.
* Saturation.
* Output characteristics.
* Circuits & calculations.
* Selecting a transistor.
Protues & PCB
- Summary.
- Questions.
Number of free electrons in 1 cm^3 of
selecon: ni = 10^10

Number of atoms in 1 cm^3 of silicon:
* Why we use relays!
* Controlling DC brushed motor. "the whole circuit"
" Band gap energy"
Holes and Conventional current
PN Junction biasing..
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