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senior project


aaron perry

on 19 May 2011

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Transcript of senior project

Homeschooling Essential Question What are the benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling? Driving Questions What is homeschooling?

What is regular/traditional schooling? My Overview What is homeschooling?
What is regular/traditional schooling?
What are the general facts and statistics on homeschooling?
What are thebenefits and disadvantges of homeschooling?
My conclusion. The Purpose The purpose of my presentation is to inform people about the positive and negative effects of homeschooling
verses learning in a traditional school. Main Point 1 What is homeschooling? Main Point 2 What is regular/traditional schooling? Lists of different types of schooling Public school
Private school
Charter school
Catholic school (Enotes.com) Main Point 3 Facts, and charts on homeschooling. Main Point 4 Benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling Conclusion By Aaron Perry Homeschooling is the practice of teaching one's own children at home, instead of sending them to school. (websters dictionary) The body of students, or students and teachers, belonging to an educational institution. (Webster dictionary) Children who are homeschooled "... may be more socially mature and have better leadership skills than other children ..." - Richard G. Medlin, Ph.D. (NHERI) 2007-2008--2.0 to 2.5 million homeschooled students K-12 (NHERI)
Home education grows about 5-12% per year (NHERI) Students who have been home schooled their entire academic lives have the highest scholastic achievement. (Lawrence M. Rudner, Ph.D-----www.hslda.org) 2003--1,096,000 estimated homeschool children K-12, a 29% increase from 1999 which showed 850,000 students (general population increased only 1%) (NCES) Benefits Kids that are tend to score higher on the sat/act or any standardized test than kids that are in traditional school.

Kids are able to work at their own speed without being rushed or distracted

Home-schooled students demonstrate excellent academic progress. Disadvantages Some kids lack social skills from being homeschooled.

Some kids have to do their work by their selfs because their parents might have to leave.

The work for them can be very challening for them. My Thank You 39% Yes 61% No Brief Summery Defined both homeschooling and regular schooling.
Lists of regular schools.
Charts and facts on home schooling.
Two videos
Lists of benefits and disadvantages of homeschooling
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