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Trees of Peace

CEI 2012 Conference in Maastricht Workshop about the GBM and Wangari Maathai's Trees of Peace

Julien Beuken

on 6 July 2012

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Transcript of Trees of Peace

Have you ever thought about...
What are we doing?
Tragedy of Easter Island
Functions and Importance of Trees
Deforestation in Kenya
Do It Yourself - Deforestation Tree
Wangari Maathai
Birth of the Green Belt Movement
Ideas of the Green Belt Movement
Do It Yourself - Reforestation Tree
Wangari Maathai
* 01.04.1940
† 25.9.2011
"when we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and hope"
2010: Earth Hall of Fame, Kyoto (Japan)
2009: Humanity 4 Water Award for Outstanding Commitment 2 Action
2009: The Order of the Rising Sun, Japan
2009: Judge, 2009 Geotourism Challenge, National Geographic, USA
2009: NAACP Chairman’s Award, USA
2008: Dignitas Humana Award, St John’s School of Theology, USA
2008: Cinema Verite, Honorary President, France
2008: Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), Honorary Fellowship, UK
2007: The Nelson Mandela Award for Health & Human Rights, South Africa
2007: The Jawaharlal Nehru Award for International Understanding, India
2007: Cross of the Order of St Benedict, Benedictine College, Kansas, USA
2007: World Citizenship Award, World
Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts
2006: The Indira Gandhi International Award for Peace, Disarmament & Development, India
2006: Premio Defensa Medio Ambiente, Club Internacional De Prensa, Spain
2006: 6th in 100 Greatest Eco-Heroes of All Time, The Environment Agency, UK
2006: Medal for Distinguished Achievement, University of Pennsylvania, USA
2006: Woman of Achievement Award from the American Biographical Institute Inc., USA
2006: The Kenya National Commission on Human Rights, Milele (Lifetime) Achievement Award
2006: Legion D’Honneur, Government of France
2006: The IAIA Global Environment Award, International Association for Impact Assessment, Norway
2006: Disney Wildlife Conservation Fund Award, USA
2006: World Citizenship Award
2005: New York Women’s Century Award,
New York Women’s Foundation, USA
2005: One of the 100 Most Influential People in the World: Time magazine, USA
2005: One of the 100 Most Powerful Women in the World: Forbes magazine, USA
2004: Nobel Peace Prize, the Norwegian Nobel Committee, Norway
2004: Sophie Prize, the Sophie Foundation, Norway
2004: Elder of the Golden Heart, Republic of Kenya
2004: Petra Kelly Environment Prize, Heinrich Boell Foundation, Germany
2004: J. Sterling Morton Award, Arbor Day Foundation, USA
2004: Conservation Scientist Award, Center for Environmental Research and Conservation, Columbia University, USA
2003: Elder of the Burning Spear, Republic of Kenya
2003: WANGO Environment Award, World Association of Non-Governmental Organizations, USA
2002: Outstanding Vision and Commitment Award, Bridges to Community, USA
2001: Excellence Award, Kenyan Community Abroad, USA
2001: The Juliet Hollister Award, Temple of Understanding, USA
1997: One of 100 in the World Who’ve Made a Difference in the Environment: Earth Times, USA
1995: International Women’s Hall of Fame, International Women’s Forum Leadership Foundation, USA
1994: The Order of the Golden Ark Award, the Netherlands
1993: The Jane Addams Leadership Award, Jane Addams Conference, USA
1993: The Edinburgh Medal, Medical Research Council, Scotland
1991: The Hunger Project’s Africa Prize for Leadership, United Nations, USA
1991: Global 500 Hall of Fame: United Nations Environment Programme, USA
1991: The Goldman Environmental Prize, the Goldman Foundation, USA
1990: The Offeramus Medal, Benedictine College, USA
1989: Women of the World Award, WomenAid, UK
1988: The Windstar Award for the Environment, Windstar Foundation, USA
1986: Better World Society Award, USA
1984: Right Livelihood Award, Sweden
1983: Woman of the Year Award
"It is the people who must save the environment. It is the people who must make their leaders change. And we cannot be intimidated. So we must stand up for what we believe in." - Wangari Maathai
as of today 47 million trees
have been planted
by the GBM
Millennium Development Goals
If we only tried to achieve goal 7,
we could maybe cover all the
remaining goals
founded 1977

streams were drying up
their food supply was less secure
walk further to get firewood for fuel and fencing
loss of traditional values
environmental degradation
food insecurity

"to encourage individuals to examine why they lacked agency to change their political, economic, and environmental circumstances. Participants began to understand that for years they had been placing their trust in leaders who had betrayed them and that they were sabotaging their lives by not working for the common good and failing to use their natural resources wisely."
GBM encouraged women:
bind the soil
store rainwater
provide food and firewood
receive a small monetary token for their work
to work together
grow seedlings and plant trees
2012: CEI

tree planting
Civic & Environmental Education
School Environmental Education
Climate change
Urban tree planting
the connection of peace and trees?
the connection of trees and peace?
Green Belt Movement Movie
Reforestation Tree
I am a Hummingbird
Hummingbird Project Contribution
British Colonialists came to Kenya in the middle of the 19th Century
Deforestation in Kenya
Daniel Arap Moi
What do you think?
What functions do trees have?
4 categories of services

* Provisioning services

* Regulating services

* Cultural services

* Supporting services
construction wood
wooden products
To create a value-driven society of people who consciously work for the continued improvement of their livelihoods and a greener, cleaner environment. This vision is achieved through the protection and rehabilitation of the environment.
To mobilise community consciousness for self determination, justice, equity, reduction of poverty and environmental conservation using tree planting as an entry point.
just a story or reality?
take someone's right to decide
rural Kenyan women
planting trees
with GBM
seminars for
civic and environmental education
trees of peace
26th Caretakers of the Environment
International Conference 2012.
Maastricht, the Netherlands

Julien Beuken
Ronja Strauch
Katrin Geyer

Trees of Peace
just a story or reality?
regulating the climate
cleaning water
purify air and produce oxygen
spiritual or

recreation and tourism
influence on the composition of the soil
usually not visible
necessary for other services
cutting to many trees:

Easter Island
what happens if there are not enough trees for everyone?
how can trees lead to conflict?
what do trees contribute to our well being?
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