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MINI Presentation

Semester Project for Marketing Class

Kristen Schiech

on 24 April 2014

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Transcript of MINI Presentation

A New Car for Everyone
WW II & The Suez Crisis

Sir Leonard Lord of the Morris Company, Alec Issigonis

Design a small, fuel-efficient vehicle capable of carrying 4 adults at a price affordable for almost anyone
Growing into a Legend
MINI's popularity grew exponentially
Consumers began to customize their MINIs
Made their car an extension of themselves

By 1969, over 2 million MINIs had been sold, including station wagon and pick-up versions

Unexpected Wins
Uniquely wide and long wheel base
Nimble handling
Weight over the front tires
Balance and grip
Standout performance car

John Cooper introduces the Classic Mini Cooper 997
Almost World-Wide
By 1977, 4 million MINIs had been sold everywhere around the world, except for the United States

BMW Ownership
& The Car of the Century
1994 - MINI purchased by Bayerische Motoren Werke AG

1999 - MINI named the European Car of the Century

October 1999 - The new generation of the MINI was unveiled at the Paris Auto Show
The Maiden Voyage
2002 - The first new MINI was finally brought to and sold in the United States

2003 - North American Car of the Year Award
BMW Group
MINI/BMW Group Mission Statement
MINI Models, Options, & Customizing
Target Market
Digital Marketing
Green Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
The Italian Job - Then and Now
The Trendsetters
20-30 years old, affluent
Urban Areas where small cars make sense

Trendsetters are fairly fidgety
and switch products easily

The answer: The Countryman Crossover
Target Market: Families
Marketing the BRAND
Retain existing customers
Fun, affordable alternative for those wanting a luxury vehicle experience
Emotional value that it brings to its customers
Digital Marketing - corresponding to the latest trends in marketing
Direct marketing - mini website - personal page
Social Networks - 539,405 Facebook Followers
Viral Marketing
Guerrilla marketing

*MINI spent only 1/4 of what Fiat spent on TV advertising in 2013
Woodcliff Lake, New Jersey

Annual Sales (In Units):
2006 - 39,171
2007 - 42,045
2008 - 54,077 *
2009 - 45,255
2010 - 45,644
2011 - 57,511 *
2012 - 66,123 **
2013 - 66,502

* - New Model Introduced
** - New Marketing Strategy Introduced
External Marketing Firms
Marketing Firm of Record:
Butler, Shine, Stern & Partners
MINI's Marketing Mix
A Premium Vehicle
Fun, Sporty, Compact
High-end for a small, compact vehicle

Low-end for a premium vehicle
(125 US Locations)

Sell the Brand
Digital Marketing
Guerrilla Marketing
Mazda 5, Fiat 500c, Volkswagen Bug (Historically), Suzuki Swift, Toyota Prius

-Toyota Prius - eco-friendly, and it is geared towards the safety minded environmentalist consumer
-Mazda 5 - geared more on the utility and being able to carry as many people and objects in as little space as possible
-Fiat 500 - an eco-friendly smaller car. It is such a small car which really does not have much in the way of room. It barely holds 4 people. This car is mainly only geared to fuel efficiency
-Volkswagen Bug - a huge competitor historically to the Mini. The Bug really was a fuel efficient and well designed car for its time. It has always been popular among a wide audience of consumers
MINI prides itself on having a consistency throughout all of its models that helps bolster brand recognition
8 models currently available
All models are only slight deviations from each other
Features and Customization
In order to stay agile MINI focuses on customization of features rather than reinventing their designs
In this fashion, they have tried to cater to changing demand, while only modifying their base design slightly
"Over 10 Million Ways to Configure"
In the arena of Green Marketing, MINI needed something to promote their car as "Fun and Sporty" while also differentiating it from "pure sports" competitors
To fulfill this need they developed an interesting statistics campaign in 2008
With this campaign, MINI tried to emphasize the fuel efficiency of their cars, while promoting themselves as a "driver's car"
MINI still uses their fuel economy as a marketing tool, but has since discontinued the Carfun Footprint campaign
Cause Marketing
MINI tries to keep its target market in mind when utilizing social marketing
This can be seen by their participation in events such as "The Effie Brand Challenge"
By interacting with students, MINI is both advertising to its target demographic (18-24) while giving back to the community
Strategy Number ONE
"The BMW Group is the world’s leading provider of premium products and premium services for individual mobility"
Two objectives:
Enhance long-term value in times of change
Other firms used:
Beam Interactive
Crispin Porter + Bogusky
The Owners' Lounge
"Hashtag" Promotions
News & Events
Extremely Informational
www.bssp.com (Butler Shine)
Google Ads
Red Bull MINI
Ripley's Believe It Or Not MINI
Burton MINI
Baltimore Inner Harbor
"Not So Mini"
Personal Billboard Messages
Why Have So Many Features?
MINI views their customers as active trendsetters
Having a plethora of malleable features lets them keep up with trends that are quickly changing, without having to reinvent the wheel
The Future Competitor
MINI Case Study
Who is the largest competitor to MINI?
Should MINI continue to spend their marketing dollars towards social and online media instead of TV? If so, why?
What should MINI pursue in the future in your opinion?
Greater Fuel Economy & Eco Features
Better racing and on-track performance in their base models
Using a SWOT analysis, what are some strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats that you see with MINI's products?
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