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Global Citizen Jeopardy!

No description

David Royster

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Global Citizen Jeopardy!

There are how many people
on Planet Earth?!?!
What is the most spoken language in the world?
#1 Mandarin
#2 Spanish
#3 English
What is the capital of Afghanistan?
Kabul. Afghanistan is frequently mentioned in the news, but how many people actually know what the capital is? How many can pick out specific countries on a map that are frequently mentioned in the news?
What is the #1 cause of death in the world?
Heart Disease. How can we change heart disease being the number 1 disease?
How many people in the world live on less than 2$ a day?
Half of the population, so 3.6 billion people.
Which country's elementary school students have the highest math scores?
South Korea. How do you feel about math in your own home country? Why is it important to understand math scores?
What is the estimate of the world's population?
7.2 Billion
What is the least populated state in the United States?
Wyoming with 576,412 as of 2012 statistics.
What are the names of the states that make up Australia?

New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, Western Australia, Queensland, South Australia.
Were you able to answer this question for the country that you are currently living in? What about your own country?
Rank the top 3 largest countries by population.

What is the most popular Social Media Website in the world?
Facebook. This is not just the most popular in North America but everywhere! How easy is it to stay connected and get to know other people around the world?
Name one of the top three read newspapers online in the world.

Mail Online is #1, New York Times is #2 and The Guardian is #3. All of these are English language Newspapers. What about other parts of the world, including Asia with the largest population?
What percentage of the world population can read and write?
79% of the populaton can read and write. That number might seem high, with almost 4 out of 5 being able to read and write, but that means 1 out of 5 can not read or write.

What is the number of people in the world who use the internet?
2.7 Billion people. Less than half of the population uses the internet. How often do you use the internet? Why does this help us become Global Citizens?
This word is defined as not having enough food to develop or function normally.
How many people in the world have HIV/AIDS?
35.7 million. This is a large number and in many cases HIV/AIDS occurs due to a lack of education about sex protection because it can be transmitted through sexual intercourse.
What is the #1 cause of death to girls aged 14-19?
Childbirth. We talked about women's health with the millenium development goals in a previous lesson. How can we change this fact?
What percentage of the world's population does not receive a primary education?

20% or 1 in 5 children do not recieve an education.
This word is defined as the integrated study of the social sciences and humanities to promote civic competence.
Which country has the most educated people in the world?
Canada with 50% of the population having been educated the post secondary level. What has this changed your opinion of Canada?
What is the most spoken language in the world?
Mandarin, followed by Spanish THEN English.
Who is the current Prime Minister of Australia?
Tony Abbot. Have you been following the news of Australia?
Australia. With 96% of the population voting, why is this the case?
Which country has been considered the most economically successful in 2013?
Hong Kong
Name one of two countries that lock up the most people in the world.
Russia and the United States. This is constantly a debate within politics about how much money is spent on incarceration of prisoners.
Name two countries that are communist nations.
There are five nations! They are China, Laos, Vietnam, North Korea, Cuba.
Global Citizen Jeopardy!
#1 - China with 1.35 billion
#2 - India with 1.2 billion
#3 - USA with 313 million
Social Studies. Did you know that a part of your education was to understand civic competence and learn about the world? How do you feel that went and have you continued with that education on your own?
Undernourished. We talked a lot about undernourishment during a previous lesson. Did you do your own research?
News! News! Read all about it!
Food, Hunger,
Poverty and Disease
Economics and Politics
Man, I wish I had studied
for that math midterm…
Which country has the highest population of voters?
What is the most practiced religion in the world?
Christianity. Roughly 33% of the world practices some form of Christianity. What about other religions? Do you make it a point to learn about other practices?
Final Jeopardy
Daily Double!
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