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The Hittites

No description

Sayra Hernandez

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of The Hittites

The Hittites
Developed Cities
The Hittites developed in Southwest Asia. They settled in Asia Minor, Now Turkey, in 2000 B.C the Hittites conquered surrounding people to build their empire. In 1200 B.C the Hittites empire fell to an army known as the sea people
-Believed in Polytheism
-They Had 23 gods
Worshiped Hurrian and Mesopotamian gods

Specialization Of Labor
The Hittites were known for thier iron tools. Since iron was rare, they made weapons of bronze. The Hittites are also famous for building and using chariots. The Hittites were primarily responsible for Mesopotamian thought, law, political structure, and ideas around the Mediterranean.
Social Classes
*Priest & Priestesses
- They Were Highly Regarded
- Even though they were slaves they still had certain right granted by law
- They Were Stateless wanderers that were violent, and caused trouble along wilderness frontieres
Record Keeping And Writing
The Hittites was a civilization for 540 years until they were destroyed by the people around them like the Kaskans and the Sea people.
Art and Architecture
They were skilled metal workers and they were also good builders.
Women were not ranked high in the social class but once a women got married then you were then held at the same level as your husband, So the more high ranked your husband was the higher the women would be to.
Main gods
- Sky god
- Sun god
- Queen of Heaven
Ruler god
Love god
Goddess of Healing and magic
Organized Government
The Hittites government was a first constitutional monarchy that consisted of a kind, a royal family, and a pankus. The Hittite laws developed from advancing legislation and justice. the king was the supreme leader, judge, military commander, and high priest.
*Most important period of artistic lasted from 1450 to 1200 B.C
Bit-hilani, is a entrance hall built with a stairway approach flanked by pillars, has double gateway with corbeled arch decorated with friezes and its protected on the other side by a threatning beast.
Lion Gate
Had 2 matched lions carved from 2 arched stones. When the gate was used back in the Hittite Empire period between 1343-1200 BC the stones arched in a parabola with towers on either side
Lions were a symbolic importance to the Hittite civilization so a lot of the buildings back then would have lion statues or paintings of lions
The Hittites were ancient Anatolian people who established an empire at Hattusa in North-Central Anatolia around the 18th century BC
*Pithana was the earliest documented Hittite ruler
*1740-1200 BC they started following hurrian culture
*1680 BC- They had their first confirmed king
*1450-1200 BC- Began to be better then the Hurrian Empire
They used Sumerian cuneiform to write their language. They also developed a law code similar to that of Hammurabi. Approximately 375 cuneiforms were made
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