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Defining Gender

GNDR 111 Week 1

Mary Keck

on 24 August 2011

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Transcript of Defining Gender

? What IS "gender" anyway? "A social, symbolic construction that expresses the meanings a society confers on biological sex." The Survey says! Thank you! Questions? Activity 1: If GENDER is an EXPRESSION, how is it expressed? 1) Read the "Culture" section of Chapter 1 on page 32 of Gendered Lives
2) Reflect on Wood's discussion of the ways societal structures and practices reinforce views of gender. Then, describe a first-hand experience during which an expression of gender was reinforced, encouraged or discouraged by you or others. Activity 2: 1) Finish reading chapter 1 of Gendered Lives.
2) On a half sheet of paper or an "Admit Slip," which will be due at the beginning of class on Friday, write a response to ONLY ONE of the following:
Develop three review questions that you think would help us study for the test in a couple of weeks.
Follow the thread of our discussion during the write-a-round by focusing on a particular point of interest to you.
Respond to one of the "Reflection and Discussion" questions on page 38 of Chapter 1. Homework: What traits have you, as resprentatives of society, assigned to the sexes? Write-a-Round: Rules:
1) Don't stop writing until I say, "stop!"
2) Don't write anything you don't want others to read.
3) Don't talk while you pass your paper (always in the same direction). On women . . .
77 % of you associate them with fashion.
59% of you equate them with manners and politeness.
On men . . .
63% of you believe they're risk-takers when they drive.
72% of you think a man won't ask for help as often. Writing about Personal Experience:
In the case of this paragraph or two, I'll be the only one who reads it unless you choose to share it with the class.
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