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Space Exploration Timeline

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on 20 November 2013

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Transcript of Space Exploration Timeline

Space Exploration Timeline
1610- The first spotting of the moon through a telescope by Galileo Galilei
1926-Robert H. Goddard launches first liquid fueled rockets
1931-First German military liquid fueled rockets developed
1933-Soviet Union launches first rocket of their own
1947-First animals launched into space (fruit flies) by the U.S.

1959-First rocket launched into earth's orbit by the USSR
1963-First women in space by USSR
1965-First sighting of mars and flyby by U.S. NASA
1966-First artificial satellite around another world (moon) purposed by USSR
1969-First human on moon by the U.S. (Apollo 11) success

1981 - present day
1983-First spacecraft beyond the orbit of Neptune by U.S. NASA
1990-First photograph of the whole solar system by U.S. NASA
2000-First orbit of an asteroid by U.S. NASA
2001-First landing on an asteroid by U.S. NASA
2009-Kepler Mission launched first space telescope designated for research of Earth's exoplanets by USA
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