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Passenger Transport for Travel & Tourism - Unit 16

Week 1 Session 1

David Brice

on 26 November 2014

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Transcript of Passenger Transport for Travel & Tourism - Unit 16

Most visitors arrive in the UK by air which means that they are mainly reliant on passenger transport to get around.

This unit investigates:
1. Passenger transport in the UK
2. Developments and factors affecting and influencing passenger transport in the UK
3. Relationships between UK passenger transport networks and the travel and tourism sector.
4. How passenger transport affects the popularity and appeal of UK tourist destinations.
Introduction to Passenger Transport
Aims and objectives of this session

1. Introduction to the unit.
2. Be able to describe what a domestic scheduled flight is.
3. Name some UK airports.
4. Be able to describe the facilities on flights, trains and coaches.
5. Analyse which tourists use what form of passenger transport.
Lets check your existing knowledge first.
Complete the activity sheet
Ok....lets start with scheduled domestic flights. What is one?
Domestic flights operate between many UK airports. Name as many UK airports as you can.
How much do you think it costs for a return flight from LBA to LHR?
£113 return in November - takes about 1 hour !
How much do you think it costs by train from Leeds to London Kings Cross?
£100.80 off peak taking over 2 hrs.
How much does it cost from Leeds to London by coach?
£13.98 return and taking over 4 hours (National Express)
Classes available
Flights - Economy and business
Rail - First and Standard
Coach - Standard class (one class)
Rail - Standard off peak return, First class, Flexible returns, Fixed non refundable.
Coach considerations - Fastest route, number of changes, off peak can all affect price.
Ok...so what sort of people use which form of transport? Flights, train and coach -
Discuss !
Students don't have much money.
Tourists on a tight budget.
Tourists in a hurry to reach destination.
Tourists who want to see more of the countryside.
Tourists with an enthusiasm for rail.
Tourists who want good facilities
Tourists who like traveling in style - image!
Convenience - which is easier to get to.
Let's consider facilities.
Complete the activity sheet about facilities. You have 15 minutes to work in pairs to come up with as many facilities and amenities as you can at airports and on flights, at train stations and on trains, at coach terminals and on coaches.
Ok once you have been through the facilities handout that's it for this session. Remember to use Moodle and watch out for any interesting news about transport for tourists in the UK.

Thanks for listening and taking part in this session.
There are more airports in the UK than you think!
Take a look at the student handout.
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