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How Organization Development (OD) REALLY works ...

A quick walkthrough of how OD creates alignment within an organization to improve effectiveness

Eric Johnson

on 5 February 2014

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Transcript of How Organization Development (OD) REALLY works ...

Organization Development is...
The ability to adjust how the attention of the organization can affect performance
So...What does the Core Group want?
Uncovering and clarifying what the Core Group members want, and how they prioritize those wants, is the most important step in Organization Development. It is also the one that is ignored the most.
What Processes will give the Core Group what it wants?
Most consulting and management activity is focused on the most effective
for satisfying the Wants of the Core Group. This can be misleading if the Wants have not been clarified well, and prioritized.
Measuring what the Core Group Wants
How the Core Group measures what they want can influence what they want. If all they think about are the financials and sales goals, that's what they want. Know what the Core Group wants and find more and better ways to measure it.
It's all about The Core Group!
Art Kleiner came up with this great idea that there is a Core Group of people associated with organizations of every kind.
They are what matters!
Whomever is part of the Core Group is what the organization is all about. Customers only matter to the extent that the Core Group cares about them. Etc.
Hidden vs. Published Wants
And most of the work is about uncovering the hidden and unconscious wants that drive decisions and action.
The Environment effects what the Core Group wants
The operating environment and the organizational culture have an impact on what the Core Group thinks it wants.
The Core Group has Priorities
What the Core Group actually wants is constantly changing - their priorities will be different depending on the context, the information they have, the pressure on them, and their personal development.

Everyone is left guessing...
The challenge is that everyone else is trying to figure out what the Core Group wants, and usually making lots of assumptions. So it's useful to check in on those assumptions.
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