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No description

Adriana Kuryla

on 17 June 2015

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Transcript of MY PASSION - SOCCER

How did this become your passion?
- Mom put me into a lot of sports as a child and I fell in love

- Abuelito played professional in a league in Colombia
How long have you been doing this?
- Started off with recreational soccer at about 5 years old

- 11 years
Was it difficult at first?
- Yes, at the start of anything one does it is difficult
Did you need help to get started?
- Yes, it's a sport which has to be coached and learned over time

How does it make you feel?
- Blocks out anything else in the world because all my focus is required for each moment I'm playing
Did you ever receive recognition for it?
Is this a passion you will continue throughout your life?
- Definitely throughout college

- Hopefully after my college years
Have you shared this before?
- Yes, I think all my friends know I play soccer
Adriana Kuryla
Yes, my sister's teammates heard about myself and my past and look up to me

- Coaches sent me to invitational camps

- Recognition from players and coaches
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