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Staff Motivation and Morale

No description

Jenine de Klerk

on 1 September 2016

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Transcript of Staff Motivation and Morale

- Lack of engagement leads to demotivation
Trust and communication

- Lack of focus results in ‘pain’
Need to use one’s voice to break the pain
Literature Review
- We have seen that our team members are
demotivated because there is not enough

- We as leaders have a direct influence on uplifting
motivation within our teams.
- High level of red and blue energy in our profiles.

- Effect of dedicating enough time on the details as well as facilitating with clarity and preciseness in decision-making.

- Green profile member contributed in keeping the team morale high as well as coming up with alternative, stimulating ideas to add lightness to the team dynamic.
Team Dynamics:
- Team members give input to the coordinator on the achievements and or milestones reached.

- The coordinator to send out an invitation to the rest of the team with the achievements to be acknowledged.

- At the ceremony (casual), mention will be made of the team members’ achievements.

- The ceremony to include light snacks and drinks to promote team interaction in an informal setting.
- Staff are not motivated by money alone
Mastery, autonomy and purpose

- Celebrating success and achievements
Opportunity for recognition and praise

- Staff have a need to be acknowledged for their contributions and good work being delivered.
Literature Review
- Group Marketing
- Real Estate Finance
- CIB SA Model Development
- CIB SA Model Development
- PBB Marketing
De Klerk, Jenine
Gouweloos, Simon
Gray, Lizandie
Maartens, Huibrecht
Montshiwa, Keke
4 Jills and a Jack
- Create a culture of consistent and continuous celebration of successes to boost staff morale in our areas of influence;

- Create a direct measurable link between the recognition of achievements and performance within the EPM process;
Possible Solutions:
To enhance motivation, demotivated staff would like team members to care more about the small stuff:
Results & Findings
Of all the causes of demotivation, lack of recognition again stood out:
Results & Findings
Goal Statement:
We as leaders aspire to positively influence our teams in order to boost morale and achieve great results.
Problem Statement:
Due to our team members suffering from low morale and demotivation it has become challenging for our teams to achieve great results.
Staff Motivation & Morale
Foundation Leadership

Group Assignment

Staff Motivation & Morale

However, staff are demotivated and feel there isn’t enough recognition given:
Results & Findings
Staff feel there are opportunities for growth and that they belong:
Results & Findings
Tested against the Gallup Employee Engagement Survey by replicating the questions into a survey to SBG staff.
Testing of Problem Statement:
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