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No description

Luke Rowe

on 24 October 2013

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Transcript of Chosen

by Ted Dekker

-grassy stadium field
-silence settled on the crowd
-leafy trees surrounding an oval shaped stadium
-deep desert dunes
-hot desert sand
-sunlit canyon
-canyons with their flat shale tops
-pale desert
-cool desert night
-a pond of sweet blue water shone in the rising sun
-Stood on the sidelines
-shifted his feet
-crossed his arms
-paced like a lion
-flew past him
-hit the ground
-rolled to his feet
-dove at the loose ball
-buzzed around
-Rough, scaly skin
-long black dreadlocks
-teeth was rotten
-stench of decay
-short blond hair
-long brown hair
-jawline went up to her ear
-scar on the left ear
-fiery stance
-deep blue eyes
The scaly skin of a scab
Deep desert dunes
Imagery Writing
Johnis, a young skinny man, was depressed that the Forest guard didn't except him. He had a feeling that they wouldn't, but he held out some hope. In the grassy stadium they were playing a game that would decide that fate of all the people watching.
Silence settled on the crowd as the game was about to begin. Their leader would pick out four people to become commanders of the Forest Guard. They were at war with the scabs, people with scaly skin and long black hair they twisted into dreadlocks.
Silvie was a promising warrior, with her short
blond hair and silver eyes. Before the scabs
killed her parents, Silvie went to
school. The other warriors seemed
nervous, but Silvie was calm.
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