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Walla Walla Indians

No description

Beth Smith

on 19 November 2013

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Transcript of Walla Walla Indians

Walla Walla Native Americans
By Molly

Traditional Men's Work
The Walla Walla Indians live in the North Western Plateau Region.

Hunting , Fishing, Warfare, Trapping, and making tools were the jobs men were supposed to do for the villages.
Traditional Women's Works
Woman do hand making, weaving, basket making, cooking, harvesting, caring for children and homes, and clothes making.
Food/Water sources
Men fished for salmon after learning how to. the men also hunted for elk, seasonal roots, berries and nuts, and game. they also drove game over cliffs
Cultural Crafts
They were deer hide leggings when hunting through giant grasslands. They never wasted the Animal. They often used the skins for clothing and blankets and the horns for digging sticks.
Walla Wallas and other Plateau Indians often used common sign language.
Thanks For Watching
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