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By: Edward Bloor

Sam Riewer

on 21 April 2010

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Transcript of Tangerine

By: Edward
Bloor Setting The setting of the book takes place in Tangerine County,
Florida. Paul Fisher is in 7th grade when he moved to
Tangerine County. The novel also takes place in important
areas such as the soccer field, the football field, the Quonset hut, the Fisher house, and Tangerine Middle School. Major Characters Description Attitude toward major conflict Relationship with other characters Other interesting information
Paul FisherGlasses, shy, scared of many things, Handles it carefully and goesFriends with Joey, Victor and Tino.At the end of the story he finds
a nerd, isnt fond of his brother. with his gut.not fond of his brother Erik.new courage to do what is right.
Erik FisherStar football player, center of attention,Ignores the conflict.Bullys his brother Paul and sucks up Robs people when their houses
punk.to his parents.where tented.
Mom (Mrs. Fisher)Annoying, paraniod, mostly pays Usually freaks out, has learnedTreats Erik better than Paul but is
attention to Erik over Paul.to become more calm.starting to come around.
Dad (Mr. Fisher)Has never seen any of Pauls soccer game,Asks many questions but Likes Erik better than Paul and believes
pays much attention to Erik.mostly tries to ignore it.fully in "the football dream."
Victor GuzmanTough, doesn’t listen to anyone, head ofConfronts the conflict with a Head of the group, isnt fond of Erik.Loves to be the center of attention.
the group, captain of the soccer team.fight.
Tino CruzHas a lot of respect for his brother Luis,Follows Victor but when it Not the head of the group but is secondDoesn take anything from anyone.
Victors right hand man, 2nd in the group.comes to Tangerines he is in charge.in line.
Joey CostelloInnocent, sometimes get over angry, oneGets angry and throws a fit, then Doesn’t like Tino or Victor or Erik becausehis brother died at the beginning
of Pauls new friends, doesn’t like the kidscalms down and lets it go.Erik made fun of his brother when he died.of the story.
from Tangerine Middle School.
Minor Characters
Authur BauerOn the football team but not a big player.he and Erik usually start the conflictFollows Erik Fisher everywhere.When Authur gets in trouble he's
but don’t get in trouble for it.quick to turn on Erik.
Theresa Cruz Pretty, nice, quiet, doesn’t get into trouble,trys to help Paul get out of the conflictShe is Tino's sister.She knows Paul isnt like the other
the student aid.as much as she can.boys and tries to let him know.
Mike CostelloKind, loves football, brags a little about hishe didn’t live long enough to see or beHe is Joeys older brother and WAS
success but not as much as Erik.in any of the conflict.on the football team with Erik.
A character that has changed a lot from the begginning of the story all the way to the end would have to be Paul Fisher. In the begginning pof the story he is very shy and VERY afraid of his brother. He is practically blind and his family says its because he stared at the eclipse to long and he almost when blind. For some reason he doesnt believe that story, he knows there is more to what happend to him but hes to afraid to figure it out. After he starts going to Tangerine Middle School he starts to gain confidence in himself. They start calling him Fisher Man which is better than Mars,which he was called at his other school. He starts on the school soccer team and he finally feels like he is needed. Which give him a new found confidence to stand up to his brother and his parents. Right after he stands up to his parents about his eye sight he finds out that the reason why he's almost blind is because his brother and his brothers friend sprayed spray paint in his eyes. Paul then tells his brother he saw him and his friend kill Luis Cruz. Erik is furious and starts to have a temper tantrum. The next day the police come to the Fisher house and askes for Authur Bauer. Authur immediately begins to blame Erik for the murder and Paul decides its time to set the truth and he remembers what Antoine Thomas said "The truth will set you free little man under the bleechers." Immediately Paul knew what he was talking about and he told the police he was a witness to the murder and told the truth. In the end of the story Paul has a new found confidence and isnt afraid of Erik, his dad, or Authur Bauer. Character Trace Characters Introduction and Rising Action 1) One thing that led to conflict is when the sink holes showedup in the back of the school and englofed half of the school. This would put stress on Mr. Fisher but would be a golden opertunity for Paul.
2) Another thing that made a small inpact in the story would have to be when Paul's mom called the Tangerine Times to interview the girls on Pauls soccer team. Sandra would later in the story reveal a secret about her brother and the life he lives.
3) The major thing that led to most of the conflict would have ot be when Erik punched Tino in the face. This would be a problem for Paul and mostly Erik because this later on resolves to the death of Luis Cruz. Tinos older brother. Climax The turning point in the novel would be when Tino and Victor came to the sports awards and beat up Erik and Authur in front of everyone in the crowd,then Paul jumped on the principal's back. This caused MAJOR conflict and also gave Paul some answers to his past. Falling Action 1) One even that solved the problems would be when Sandra told Paul about her life. Her brother lived in Tangerine and played for Lake Winsor. Then Antoine told him its time to start telling the truth and that exactly what he did.
2) The next thing that happend would have to be when he remembered why he had glasses. It was because Erik had sprayed him in the eyes with spray paint for telling on his friend when they were little.
3) The last thing that ended the conflict was when Paul told the truth about the murder of Luis Cruz. And how it was Authur Bauer and Erik Fishers fault. Theme I think the theme in the story is honesty. Honesty is always something worth reading about. In Tangerine, Paul was living a lie thinking he was unintelligent and stared at the solar eclipes for too long when it was really his brothers fault he was nearly blind. The death of Luis Cruz could have been prevented if Paul told Tino that Erik Fisher was his brother and to not listen to the insluting words Paul knew Erik was going to say to them. If his mother told the truth about his eye sight he might have been able to play soccer at his school. All these problems could have been prevented if the honest truth was revealed right from the beginning. Reaction My reaction to the book was positive. I really truly enjoyed the book. It's now one of my favorites and i will recommend it to anyone that is looking for a good book. The book Tangerine affected the way i think. The book made me think in a certain way about telling the truth and what lying could possibly result to and the consequences of the lie.
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