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Carlos Tamayo

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of ALIENS

Ancient Aliens
UFO Sightings
Alien Abductions
Area 51
Wednesday, March 5, 2014
By: Jamie, Denisse,Ben,& Carlos
Scientific Aspect of Our Pseudoscience
Seti Institute / Carl Sagan Center
Life outside of planet earth may be able to exist as biological life forms
NASA said that Mars once had livable conditions.
NASA discovered 715 new planets, orbiting 305 different stars
One planet is 2x earths size and 2x the suns size with 30 day cycle.

Pseudo Visitors To Earth (phone-home)
Effects of Believing
Mental costs: distortion of views of what is real and what is not
Threats to former Area 51 employees
Self justification (lies people tell themselves to cover up the foolish decisions they have made).
Give way to other pseudosciences: hypnotherapy
Wasted money towards research/therapy. (International Center for Abduction Research).
Un-appreciation of ancient civilizations’ capabilities and technologies
Today's Topics
Ancient Aliens
UFO Sightings
Alien Abductions
Area 51
UFO sightings only mainly occur late at night or early morning when vision is at its lowest
(visual) http://apod.nasa.gov/apod/ap091004.html
Memory distortions create believers in alien abductions - hyporegression
Pareidolias in ancient art: we interpret images how we expect them to be
2 hieroglyphs on top of each other become proof of aliens
Reasoning Error
Confirmation bias: Grove and Meehl (1996)
“People still don’t trust statistical data, they want the ‘human touch’ despite all of their experience/knowledge/practice.
Bandwagon appeal
Effect of media
Urban legends (testimonials) “rather be safe than sorry”
Power of authority exposure: 5 day conference held at MIT to assess similarities among alien abduction accounts.
Former employees of Area 51 have spoken out on what they have seen at the top secret facility
Whether there are dead alien bodies and/or alien space craft being kept there, the government has continued to keep Area 51 a secret
Abductees seek out various resources to understand things that were troubling them

Why People Believe?
Recreating Ancient Sites
Strong evidence for ancient alien theorists revolves around sites such as Pumapunku, the Egyptian pyramids, Nazca Lines, Easter Island
Recreating these sites with primitive technology would invalidate the necessity of extraterrestrial help
Scientific Tests
Physicist Stephen Hawking has argued that intelligent life on other planets is likely to exist, but that if aliens had visited Earth it would have been a much more unpleasant experience than any UFO sightings:

According to a poll given by the huffington post and yougov, half of the American people believe that extraterrestrial life exists, and ¼ of the US pop believes they have visited earth.
Older respondents were more likely than younger ones to say that Earth has experienced alien visitors
According to a 2000 ABC poll, 40 million Americans say they have seen or know someone who has seen a UFO.
67 books on ancient aliens (goodreads)
Popular History Channel shows on Alien topics, “Ancient Aliens”
Argumentum ad ignorantiam
“argument from ignorance”
Can’t determine how an ancient structure was built? Aliens must have helped
Flashing lights unexplained by scientists? Aliens
Burden of Proof
To disprove ancient alien theories, proponents forced to prove that everything in history was possible without the assistance of extraterrestrials

Confirmation Bias: Grove and Meehl (1996)
"people still don't s=trust statistical data, they the the 'human touvh' despite all of their knowledge/experience/practice"
Bandwagon Appeal
Reasoning Error
Ghosts and other spirits
Forensic evidence in archeological sites
Scientology: Xenu has brought us spirtual harm in the form of alien spirits which inhabit us all

Links to Other Pseudosciences
Archival evidence: view eyewitness testimonials of UFO sightings, look at the similarities and differences such as time of day, weather, angle of the viewer, and how long the UFO sighting occured
And view what illusions can be caused by the sighting?
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