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Out with a Bang Vacations

Travel company and Resort for graduting teens.

haley pickle

on 4 May 2010

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Transcript of Out with a Bang Vacations

Out with a Bang Vacations *Out With a Bang Vacations is a new business that is moving into a existing resort in Mexico.

*We are a travel company that deals with teen costumers.

*Our resort is unique because there are no parents aloud only graduating teens.

Advantages: slightly lower prices, no parents supervising. College students are the supervisors along with Mexican workers.

*The main objections for Out With a Bang Vacation providing work for Mexican communities. Also to give teenagers motivation to graduate highschool and celebrate their achievements without parents around.

*I have been a hotel manager for ten years and know how to run a resort.

* It will take seven months to have everything put together in order to open to our first groups. These seven months will include remodeling the room/party proofing them, putting in a dance club, bars and remodeling hot tubs. This is a sole proprietorship that was registered on April 20th 2010. The businesses name is Out With a Bang Vacations.

For a one week stay at Out with a Bang Vacations it costs 1500$ Canadian. This price include airfare. Out with a Bang is
opening November 1st
2010. This is an
advantage because it
will be getting cold
in Canada and some States
which will spark intrest in
going somewhere warm.
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