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Native American Representation

No description

nadia novotny

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Native American Representation

American Indian Mascots
and Representation Inspiration for paper/presentation topic
Documentary featuring Charlene Teters, American Indian artist and activist
Uses art as forum to raise debate regarding racism and stereotyping in modern American pop culture - especially mascots "False Traditions False Idols" Ignorance is one of the greatest barriers to understanding between two peoples. If we don't understand each other, if we do not know the culture, the language, or the history of each other, we are unable to see each other as human beings with value and dignity.
-William C. Wantland Stereotypes and Misrepresentation Furthers negative American Indian stereotypes in American culture
"warriors, savages, war hawks, chief"
Reduces hundreds of cultures to simple stereotypes Sources for images and video http://www.indianmascots.com/
http://www.indianmascots.com/spotlight-act-250/ Racial Mascots A Taboo Promotes racism, not respect
No other racial mascots
why American Indian mascots? http://www.tubechop.com/watch/702494 "False Traditions False Idols" Negative impact on self-esteem
Teter's sons
Historical Trauma
Inability to portray accurate and respectful images of culture, spirituality and traditions (APA 2005) Negative American Indian Representations in Recent Pop Culture Negative American Indian Representations in Recent Pop Culture Letter written by Dakota woman--racilicious.com
Navajo Nation Sues Urban Outfitters
Susan Scafidi, legal representation "Navajo is a people, not a pattern" Wisconsin Act 250 Governor Doyle signed Act 250 in 2010
Allows filing of complaints by community members based on the use of race-based mascots, logos and nicknames by school boards in Wisconsin
After complaint is filed, it is under the state superintendent's discretion. If and when the decision is made for the mascot to be removed the school has a year to do so, and if no action is taken fines of up to $1,000 per day can occur.
42 schools in Wisconsin asked to remove Indian mascot, however, most of the schools ignored request.(Wisconsin Indian Education Association)
As of January 2, 2012 33 schools in Wisconsin still using race-based mascots
http://www.indianmascots.com/wisconsin_lists_updated.pdf Other "Wins" in Mascot Battle Chief Illiniwek
Marquette Warriors Willie WomPum
Florida State Seminoles
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