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Circus elephants

No description

Eden Funk

on 2 November 2016

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Transcript of Circus elephants

where they are
are the motto of all

Electric Prods?

The Truth
"Hit 'em until you hear 'em cry,
than you know you got their attention.
- Circus Trainer at Ringling Bros.
Elephants in the
"Hit 'em until you hear 'em
These heart-breaking words
Is this what we want for them?
High voltage
Tearing families apart?
Just imagine life without
your family.
If circuses revealed the
They would not be in existence.
We ask you as a group,
not to go to circuses...
They only have human actors.
And the training process is cruel.

When an elepant is being trained,
and they are forced into their positions.
Babies are taken away
from their parents.
Right after birth?
Female elephants
spend their whole lives
with the herd.
While boys
leave the herd when they are ready to start
their own.
Picture Bibliography (In Order)
They live in cramped cages
The health of an elephant is
not important to its trainer.
Circus elephants are not fed
they have only human actors
Context Bibliogaphy
Sharp bull hooks?
They are tied in ropes
to eat and sleep
in their own excrement.
That is when they get food, anyway.
Elephants don't recieve food
or water
Simply so there is less work for the clean-up crew.
Elephants, like humans, have feelings
and always remember.
Elephants experience extreme weather
Of hot and cold.
This is one of the main reasons why elephants
are dying
Faster than they are reproducing.
This is main reason why
faster than they are reproducing.
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So the life of a circus elephant?
Pain, suffering, and cruelty.
then you know you've got their attention."
-Ringling Brothers Trainer
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