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Trans Pecos

Ecoregions in Texas

Taylor Haskins

on 30 October 2012

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Transcript of Trans Pecos

Trans Pecos!(; Characteristics of Trans Pecos... Erosion in Trans Pecos....... Trans Pecos has lakes and rivers. Trans Pecos also has gravity(p.s. gravity is everywhere). Gravity and running water has a part in erosion. When water is moving, broken down sediments move along with it. The same thing with gravity. That's all it is in Trans Pecos!!(: Erosion: the process of broken down sediments(rocks) being moved from on place to another place. Erosion Deposition in Trans Pecos.... Trans Pecos has a flat land surface. In Trans Pecos there are desserts and mountains. The soil type is Bb which is used to plant blueberries! The climate in Trans Pecos is subtropical. Deposition: the process when sediments are laid down in a new landform Deposition Deposition is the process of a sediment being dropped off from one place to another. Deposition in Trans Pecos happens by a delta-the "mouth" of a body of water. The delta takes the sediments and moves them to another place. Weathering in Trans Pecos In Trans Pecos animals and insects dig and scrape underground. When they dig and scrape they weather down the rocks of land. Weathering: the breaking down of a rock or a sediment Weathering
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