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Same-Sex Marriage: Should It Be Legal?

No description

Kate W.

on 6 October 2015

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Transcript of Same-Sex Marriage: Should It Be Legal?

Same-Sex Marriage: Should It Be Legal?
What is it?
gay marriage: marriage between partners of the same sex
not always recognized as marriage
was made legal nationwide on June 26th, 2015
Arguments Against It
it is not "natural" marriage
always been a covenant between man and woman
it ignores a child's best interests
history tells us it is better for children to be risen by both biological parents
it is against 56% of religions
8 are for it, 8 are against it, 2 are undecided
Arguments For It
it is an issue of equal rights
can be compared to interracial marriage
it will diminish the amount of youth suicide
at least 30% of youth suicides each year are because of their sexuality
it encourages acceptance of the LGBT community
will create common ground between gay and straight people
Which side are you on?
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