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"Carousel" by Melanie Martinez

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on 6 February 2015

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Transcript of "Carousel" by Melanie Martinez

Alexis Funtanilla and Faith Longo
Honors English 1
Period 4

" by

Melanie Adele Martinez
After her major founding on
The Voice
in 2012, Martinez was able to explode her cotton candy heart into the public eye. Even without winning. her unique voice allowed her to rise. In April of 2014, she released information that she was signed with Atlantic Records and would be going on tour. A few weeks later (April 22) she released one of her most popular songs, “Dollhouse”. Not only this, but later in 2014, her song “Carousel” became the theme song of
American Horror Story
: "Freak Show," which, as she told the media, was her "absolutely, hands-down" favorite show.

She was born on April 28th, 1995, in Baldwin, New York, and also plays guitar. Singing had been something she simply had taken a chance with. Now her alternative sound is in the ears of thousands all over the world.

"Where’d you go? Is that Houdini or a freakshow?" (Martinez 24)

"Chasing after you is like a fairytale" (Martinez 3)

"Round and round like a horse on a carousel, we go" (Martinez 1)

This allusion that references Henry Houdini shows how Martinez feels as though her beloved can vanish from her life as quickly as a magician. For instance, she says how “right when [she’s] near, it’s like [the one she loves disappears]” (Martinez 22). Right when Martinez grows close to this aloof character, he/she pushes her away and they return right back to where they started. While she romanticizes and adores this character, he/she continues to simply dissipate into thin air, leaving her alone with her painful infatuation.
This comparison shows that Martinez is chasing after love to no avail, because the carousel continues to spin and does not stop to allow her to reach the person she loves. She follows this line with, "Will I catch up to love? I can never tell," which adds on to the simile and further displays her efforts that have so far proven to be futile (Martinez 2). The use of the simile helps contribute to the topic of the difficulties of one-sided love, which the song is based on.
This line symbolizes how falling in love can be dream-like as a fairytale. One can feel so overwhelmed with emotion and bliss that all reality seems to disappear, and the only thing that matters is the love that's felt. However, Martinez immediately follows this with how she feels “glued on tight to this carousel” (Martinez 4). This almost counters what she claimed before and could resemble use of juxtaposition. Consequently, this reveals that as magical love can be, it can become sickening after a long period of time.
Why we chose the song:
We chose "Carousel" due to the fact we both are in love with the sound, lyrics, and the artist herself; but thankfully, we are not stuck on the carousel of love with it. We thought it would be interesting to dig deeper and find out what the song truly means.
Works Cited
The theme of this song is that
love is not always returned,
and while it's frustrating, its
something that cannot be forced.
This can also lead to cases of one-sided love, which this song focuses on. Martinez claims that “this horse is too slow" and that she's "always this close” to love, but when she has finally almost caught up to her beloved, "It’s like [he/she] disappears” (Martinez 19-23). This clearly displays Martinez’s hard efforts to earn love from the one she desires, and how badly she wants the love that is never returned.
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. Atlantic Records, 19 May 2014. MP3.
"Melanie Martinez Loves 'American Horror Story' So Much She Got Her Song On 'Freak Show'."
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