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No description

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of IT'S CHRISTMAS!!

Activities Session 3
Session 4
Session 1
Session 2
Activities session 5
Session 5
Christmas presents
It's Christmas!!
Christmas Carols
This is the last session of this unit, in that session children have to learn a carol song, so they have to do some activities to learn how to sing a carol.
In this session..
Children must learning some words of vocabulary
Also, children will develop the skill of reading the story together
And finally, the will develop a game with several activities
Jingle Bell
Merry Christmas
Happy New Year
This session is divided in two parts
The weather at Christmas
Discribe flashcards
Vocabulary: snowy, windy, raining and cloudy
The clothes at Christmas
Carol's Lyrics

Pre - task
Session 1: the Christmas tree and the reindeer
In this is session all the concepts that they will learn through the didactic unit are going to be seen by using a puppet show in where sheets of paper with the keywords will be handled to the students due to settle the scaffolding. This way it will be easier for the pupils to understand the following sessions.
Brainstorming to introduce the child with the topic
Do you like presents?
How many toys do you know?

Teddy bear
Toy car
Video games

Duration: fifteen minutes

Pre- Task
Questions about what clothes to wear in winter
Vocabulary: scarf, jumper, boots, coat, gloves and wool hat
Santa's Puppet
Post - task
Final activity:
Sing properly the previous carol.
And at the end
of the class...
The render and the Christmas tree.
Out in the forest there is a sad render. He is cold, on the snow.
Christmas tree: "why are you sad?"
Reindeer: "I am cold in the forest"
Christmas tree:" I am happy!, it is Christmas and I am a Christmas tree!
Reindeer: I want to be a Christmas reindeer!!
Christmas tree: You have to write a letter to Santa Claus, asking all you want for Christmas.

Reindeer writes the letter and Santa converts Reindeer into a Christmas render and they go around the world with Santa's sled saying "Merry Christmas!!!!!" .
We will read the Tina's presents
It is different way to acquire vocabulary
Children will learn adjectives as happy and sad
I will teach how the phrase "Querido Papá Noel" said in English

Activity 1
Part 1
Imagine that you are Tina, write a letter to Santa Claus
drawing presents you
want for Christmas
tree put a name
Duration: 10 minutes
Activity 1
Activity 2

This is a bingo in which students will have to get complete vocabulary bingo
All children have two toys en their bingo who want Tina and different vocabulary explained in class
We will play differently
Duration: 5 minutes
Join each word with its picture
Activity 2
Students have to represent the phrase in each table
Part 2
Paint clothes
Cropped silhoutte and clothes
Dress the puppet with clothes
Post - task
Activity 3
Eight students for group 1 facing to one side of the class with a Christmas picture stuck in their belly trying that the other groups can't see the picture that they wear. A person for group 2 must get couples of pictures, namely, he/she must point two classmates from group 1 trying to match the same image. If two classmates carry on the same picture on their belly, they have to say the name of the toy and they have got a point. If it doesn't happen, the turn will be to the group 3. The team that win more points will be the winner

Duration:20 minutes
Activity 3
Duration: 15 minutes
Part 2: Task
The activity one is based in the grammar structure of the present simple using the verb to be. they will have to answer easy questions and answering with the correct form, this way they will learn the proper usage of this structure
The activity two is about drawing some of the new concepts they have just learned. In the task dossier will be displayed a square table with the concepts on the left side, and the empty square box for the concept to be drawn.
The activity three is about finding some concepts on a drawing sheet and colouring them.
Duration: 20 minutes
The class will be separated into two groups. Stickers will be given with the meaning of the words in Spanish. They will have to stick the meaning beside the correct word. It will have to be teamwork.

This activity is helpful to understand the levels of the kids, and what concepts needs a reinforce and which ones have settled.
Duration: 15minutes
In this is session all the concepts that they will learn through the didactic unit are going to be seen by using a puppet show in where sheets of paper with the keywords will be handled to the students due to settle the scaffolding. This way it will be easier for the pupils to understand the following sessions.

Christmas tree
In this stage, I will introduce the vocabulary and topic of the task, for that learn of clear way, so that the children can understand.
In addition to this task I will try
to encourage children’s learning.
Duration: 15 minutes
Here, the children will should solve a set tasks.
ACTIVITY 1: word search.
Activity 2:
Time to play dominoes.
In this game, you have that bind each Christmas item with other item the some colour.
Finally, in the least stage, the children will play a game where they will decorate
of different way
the Christmas tree.
The children will should cover the eyes one member of your team, and the member selected will should paste the gums in the Christmas tree, following the directions of his colleagues.
The group that more gums paste, wins.
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