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How Have Cell Phones Changed Our Society?

How Have Cell Phones Changed Our Society?

Jack Hendricks

on 29 January 2013

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Transcript of How Have Cell Phones Changed Our Society?

By: Jack Hendricks How Have Cell Phones Changed Our Society? Mobility Back in the 1970's cell phones were not even invented.
If you wanted to talk on the phone with somebody, you
would either have to use your home phone, or a payphone.

But when cellphones were created you could make calls to anyone, from anywhere. Cellphones were especially good for emergencies. For an example if you needed to call and get somebody to a place right away. Smart Phones But Cellphones Aren't all Perfect Many kids spend lot's of times on their cellphones, and less time outdoors. This leads people to believe that cell phones are a major contributing factor to obesity in America.

Also the whole idea of texting has brought a whole new form of bullying into play. The End I hope you liked my presentation,
and I hope you learned a lot.
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