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MET AD 648 Nike Analysis

No description

Jill Zakrzewski

on 30 September 2013

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Transcript of MET AD 648 Nike Analysis

Digital Marketing at Nike:
Is Nike's connection with
consumers improved through
digital marketing strategies?
From Communication to Dialogue
Presented by Group 2 - Team C:
Shilo Artis
Darach McDonnell
Chris Moore
Jill Zakrzewski
Online Store
Nike Digital Sport
Just Doing It Right
• By Any Metric, Nike's Digital Marketing Strategies have Succeeded

• Promotional Model is Transferable, but...

• There is a Potential for Controversy

• Copycat Campaigns Can Lower Perceptions of Competing Brand

From Billboards to Blogs
• Nike: Just Did It

• The Standard Bearer for the Industry

• Evangelizing the Brand
• Maintain Athlete Endorsements Across Digital
& Traditional Media

• Expand Advertisements to Appeal to Other Lifestyles

• Develop an App to Target Those Who Shop for Style

Is Nike's connection with
consumers improved through
digital marketing strategies?
• Mass Consumer Input from Digital Dialogue

• Successful Approach to Social Media

• More to Come: Use Digital Strategies for Fashion Outreach
The Future: What's Next?
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