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Kite Runner Mixtape

No description

DeEssence Weaver

on 6 December 2015

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Transcript of Kite Runner Mixtape

Kite Runner Mixtape
"Sorry for the stupid things"
In this song sorry for the stupid things, Babyface is saying that sometime that they do things they dont notice that hurt. He saying he sorry for hurting the people he love even though it pushed people away. He's a growing up as a man trying to learn from his mistakes. He hope the girl could forgive him beacuse he know he can never take it back. Sometimes a man Is gonna be a man It's not an excuse It's just how it is Sometimes the wrong Don't know that they're wrong.In the lyrics i just showed you he saying maybe his pride messed up thing but he cant make that an excuse because at the end of the day he still did thoses things. basically this song is saying the grass is not that greener on the other side of the fence. This song relate to kite runner very well.

"Sad song" We Are Kings
Sad Song by We The Kings is an excellent song that really connects to the theme of friendship and bonds. The ultimate meaning of this song is that often, when a loved one is not with you, it is like half of "you" is not with you, either. There is the feeling that whatever is left of you is just a "sad song", missing something from it. This is most evident in the chorus of the song:. with out you i feel broke. Like half a whole. Without you i have no had to hols. with out you i feel torn like a sail in a storm. Being with a friend is a priceless feeling to almost feeling complete. Wishing the time would stop so he or she could never leave. Love is a powerful thing it gives you strength courage and happiness. Once its gone u fell less of a person
In many ways, this song can connect with The Kite Runner. First of all, the bond shared between the singer and the singer's loved one seems much like the bond shared by Amir and Hassan when they were children (and after childhood, too). No matter what Amir says and does, Amir knows that Hassan is a part of him, and that he needs Hassan to be complete. The bond they share is too great, and when they are together, Amir feels the same emotions described by the singer of this song; "With you, I'm alive. Like all the missing pieces of my heart, they finally collide." Moreover, Sad Song can also connect to the bond between Amir and Soraya or Amir and Baba. Without each other, they "feel torn."
This song relates to Kite Runner because it include the situation Baba and Amir. Baba would expect more of Amir and Amir was trying to please his father. Amir thought everything he did was not up to Baba standards. " He always buried in those books or shuffling around the house like he lost in a dream...I wasn't like that". Baba sounded frustrated, almost angry.(23) Amir felt like he ashamed or embarrassed his father and he felt sorry that he wasn't the boy his father wanted. He thought maybe if he went was Rahim Khan son then everything would be different. The stupid things Amir was sorry for was liking books not sports or alwys running away and being a cowrd unlike his father.
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