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The Wide Awake Princess

No description

Rachel Wilkins

on 10 March 2013

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Transcript of The Wide Awake Princess

The Wide Awake Princess
By E.D. Baker The setting is the Kingdom of Treecrest and surrounding kingdoms.

It is spring time on Gwedolyn's 16th Birthday.

The mood is frantic.

The Princess needs a prince from another castle to kiss her and wake her up.

Gwedolyn may not find her prince... The story begins the day of Annies christening where she is given the gift of magic can't effect her.

The story ends where Annie and Liam live happily ever after. Point of View: Third Person

Their knowledge is limited to what is said aloud.
The narrator has no attitude, repeating only what the characters say. Bloomsbury
2010 The unstated theme is true beauty is on the inside. The protagonist is Annie and the antagonist is the curse.

The external conflict is Annie's sister is put under the curse and Annie is trying ot find a prince to wake her up. The denouement is when Annie kills the witch, stops the curse, finds prince charming, and saves the kingdom. The climax is when Gwendolyn pricks her finger on a spinning wheel and the whole castle falls under the curse, they all fall alseep and the castle is surrounding by rose bushes.

One piece of foreshodowing was when Liam hears footsteps but Annie doesn't, Annie is later kidnapped but the people Liam heard. One example of suspense is when Annie and Liam are going to see Voracia to have her remove the curse.

The ending is when Annie finds a prince that has been turned into a bear to kiss Gwendolyn, she then awakens as well as the rest of the kingdom. Annie is younger than sixteen,"normal", is a princess, has sun-bleached hair,and has brown eyes.

Annie is a round character. Some things we learned about her were that she grew up in her sister's background, she has no magic, and she can not interact with her family.

At first Annie thinks she is ugly and worthless, but at the end she knows she is beautiful, and that makes her dynamic. Annie's personality is adventurous.
She kills witches, fights a dragon, gathers princes and saves the kingdom.

Annie is also kind.
She saves Hansel and Gretel, she enters a contest to find a prince for Gwendoyn, and she stays away from her family so she won't make their magic disapear. Annie didn't have to try hard to look like a boy, she was already normal enough to look that way.

When goign through the woods Annie told a witch "I'm Charlie, replied Annie, hoping the clothing she wore made her look enough like a boy to make the name believable" (Baker 48) and her clothes did.

Indirect Characterization Annie's strengths are she is outgoing, nice, and adventurous.

Annie's weaknesses are she has no magic, she takes away magic, and she has a low confidence.
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