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The Sioux

No description

Diana Aguilar

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of The Sioux

The Sioux by:
Diana Aguilar

*didn't have much but they made cradle boards out of what they had

*were in charge of the camp & kids

*taught their daughters to make mini tipis
*they would go out & fight for their tribe

*They taught young boys to be young warriors

*taught everyone in the tribe to hunt & shoot arrows
would learn lessons by working & playing
(on their own)

*young boys
(starting at age 6) were learning to become young warriors
girls would learn to make tipis, sew clothes & cook
How were the Sioux an honorable tribe?
*connected with their spirits

*taught each other how to hunt for food

how did they protect themselves:
How did they survive?
by being smart
*1779 - 1781
thousands of Sioux died from smallpox brought by white settlers
*many died in the battle of the Little Bighorn

how they died:
*hid under wolfs skin to trick their prey

*wouldn't waste any part of the buffalo

The End
The Sioux
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