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Obama de meimei

Silk Road Capstone

Jen Mathews

on 29 April 2010

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Transcript of Obama de meimei

Obama de Meimei Works Cited

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Wang Ruxin, Hao Lao, Tan Lao, Rav Shiv, Wu Ling Na, Xi Cai, Sian Mei, Su Min,Sayaka,Clara, Shir,Matthew, Edwin.
Exotic Vogue! Treatment of Foreigners Cultural Awareness Ta ye shir mei guo ren? Reception and Awareness of Foreigners: Tang Dynasty and Present CoNcLuSiOn! (not) Mr. Rav Shiv Ever since the Western horsemen began raising smut and dust,
Fur and fleece, rank and rancid, have filled Hsien and Lo.
Women make themselves Western matrons by the study of Western makeup;
Entertainers present Western tunes, in their devotion to Western music. -- Yuan Chen, Tang Poet TRAIN STORY!
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