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Digital Narrative: JLC

Here is a short visual aid for my verbal proposal for digital narrative.

Jamie Creamer

on 12 May 2010

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Transcript of Digital Narrative: JLC

Digital NarRative: GaGa Everyone loves a monster: People love to see a celebrity but they love a freak even more. Ever since the first "Freak Shows", The public have been fascinated by the weird, the strange and the wonderful thing that is a freak. Today is no different, we just have more way in which to view them The modern celebrity has become the freak, but rather then being something to marvel at they have become nothing more then well publicised soap actor. ....then Simon Cowell gave us Pop Idol, X factor and all the other reality "talent" shows which excel at, if nothing else, promoting the crazies, wierdos and bizarre occupants of our small little isle. Why do you like Susan Boyle? ...because the sea cow can sing better then I thought she would This is why she has become famous, simply because she does not fit the Hollywood mould.
She is a freak
And we LOVE a freak Lady GaGa: Self made monster Unlike Susan Boyle and the rest of the reality show winners, Lady Gaga has purposefully created an image of her self that is unique amongst the rest of the pop culture. She has taken the Madonna style of reinvention, and put it into overdrive.
Where Madonna reinvented her self every few years to keep on top and constantly in the public eye,
Gaga changes her image almost every-time she steps foot outside. From phone hats to lobster glasses she keeps transforming her self, each time becoming that little bit more freakish. Would we buy into the Gaga if she looked Britney? This is the purpose of my work.

If i took the Gaga look and applied to "Joe public", would the narrative behind her and her brand become obsolete?

Or would it simply give the subject a much more interesting narrative? Lady Gaga creates a narrative each time she is seen.

Her music, her videos and her look all hold separate little narratives that although seem to each be unrelated, all help to create the Gaga brand.
Rotoscoping: Simply put, frame by frame animation laid upon pre taken film. I chose this as it suits my style and will allow for the most flexible way of applying "Gaga" to the public.

I will go walk about, and secretly film small little 2-3 minutes of footage.

After I will pick out someone from the footage and draw over them, frame by frame.

I might also present both unedited and rotoscoped footage. To see if the viewer noticed the subject originally or only after I had applied the Gaga aspects. Scanner Darkly:
A completely rotoscoped film. A scene from "On the Town"
Gene Kelly dances with Jerry the mouse FIN Freaks and Monsters
The Boyle
My plan This presentation will cover these fabulous goodies: This presentation was brought to you by J.L.Creamer
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