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English Language Support Resources at UW

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on 10 February 2014

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Transcript of English Language Support Resources at UW

English Language Support Resources at UW
FIUTS Orientation 2013

I want extra language help, but I want it connected to a writing writing course I am already taking ="ESL" Studios
Academic Achievement courses are for freshmen, sophomores, transfer students and/or international students who are interested in improving their academic performance and transition to life at UW.

Through this one-day-a-week course (3 credits, "W" eligible), students will be presented with interesting content (e.g. sports media, graphic novels, immigration, action movies, etc.) while also learning strategies to improve their note-taking, test-taking, essay writing, reading, and study skills.

As part of this course, students will also be paired with a tutor-mentor who will provide them with three hours of tutoring/mentoring each week. Sessions will focus on providing students with academic support, reinforcing/teaching academic success skills, and providing overall mentorship and support.

For more information, including about Academic Achievement Courses specifically for ELL students, please visit: http://depts.washington.edu/aspuw/achievementcourses.php.
I want more focused help, specifically designed for students like me (or situations like mine) = departmental or other specialized centers
There are so many good resources available to help you become more comfortable speaking, reading, and writing English as advanced students here at UW! All you have to do is decide whether your needs are better met by a formal course, a linked support course, or some other free support resource!
I want more small-group support connected to other classes (in addition to EWP writing classes) I am already taking = Targeted Tutoring
The Odegaard Writing and Research Center (OWRC) offers small group tutoring for English Language Learners in composition and other reading- or writing-intensive courses (both undergrad and graduate-level).

Targeted Tutoring
pairs an OWRC tutor with a group of 3-5 students who are enrolled in the same course. Each member of the group may register for 1 credit of
General Studies 391
(C/NC) for their work in Targeted Tutoring. TT is aimed at providing a low-stakes, collaborative learning environment outside the classroom to discuss writing and learning strategies such as
reading difficult course texts
understanding assignments
writing successful drafts
, and
working collaboratively with classmates
and the teacher.

For more information, contact owrc@uw.edu early in the quarter.
I just want free one-to-one help from a peer tutor on writing I am working on right now = OWRC
Odegaard Writing and Research Center
(OWRC) empowers writers and fosters a supportive learning community on the University of Washington campus by collaborating with students, staff, and faculty on all kinds of writing and research.

Appointments are available for 45-minute
one-to-one tutoring sessions at any stage of the research and writing process
, from just getting started on a project to final editing. Our 65 tutors represent more than 40 different majors and programs, so whatever you're working on, we can help!

The OWRC also offers a variety of workshops, including introductions to American academic culture. Learn more and sign up for appointments, Sunday noon-9:00pm and M-Th 9:00am to 9:00pm on the website: depts.washington.edu/owrc
I need a different kind of help, for things other than writing...
I want to take a class that will give me more help with academic English language skills than most UW classes do = AEP, Grad Studios, and IELP
I want to take a regular class to help me with my formal academic writing = IWP, EWP (and ESL-only sections)
Interdisciplinary Writing Program


IWP offers expository writing courses (
ENGL 197
ENGL 297
) linked with specified lecture courses in many majors. Students must register at the same time for both the lecture course and the linked writing course, creating a 10-credit pair of linked courses.

More than 1,500 students a year take an IWP “writing link.”

Expository Writing Program
EWP offers many 100-level writing courses:

(a two-quarter composition course),
, and
. All these writing courses are designed around -- and help students meet -- a shared set of learning goals which are intended to prepare students for writing in a variety of academic contexts.

More than 4,000 students each year take an EWP course.
Multilingual student sections

'Multilingual (ESL') 131
” and “
Multilingual ('ESL') 121
” offer an opportunity for International and ELL students who would like to complete a composition course with classmates who are also multilingual (“ESL”). All multilingual sections of Expository Writing Program courses are taught by EWP teachers who also have expertise in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages.

Multilingual 131 sections are offered every quarter. Multilingual 121 (the service-learning composition course) will be offered in Spring 2014. These sections will be marked in the online UW time schedule “SEE INSTRUCTOR FOR ADD CODES.” The instructor’s email address will be linked to the time schedule so multilingual students can request codes.
I want to take a class that will help me get situated in this academic environment = Academic Achievement Courses
International & English Language Programs
IELP offer a wide range of language resources for students, from three to ten week intensive sessions to oral fluency and college preparation programs and online courses in academic, business, and technical English. These are fee-based and non-credit bearing courses, but for some students they might be very useful. The IELP web site is:
Academic English Programs
English 102
helps students develop paragraph length responses to academic readings and improves organization and fluency in writing.
English 103
helps develop the strategies students need to write researched, organized, and correctly documented papers using academic sources.
Special Linked ENGL 103/131
: Great opportunity to receive extra support for English 131!
English 104
develops lecture listening, note-taking and classroom discussion skills.
All courses count as
general elective credits
toward fulfilling undergraduate degree requirements.
Courses are
Contact Amy Renehan (
) with questions.
Graduate Studios
These 2-credit studios will be offered in
winter quarter
2014 under
English 492

Students analyze and report on writing in their chosen field in terms of:
Structure and layout of a successful article or paper written in their field
Vocabulary & rhetorical/grammatical style
Guidelines for department papers or journal submissions

This course is

Contact Amy Renehan (arenehan@pce.uw.edu) with questions.

ESL Studios
" are designed for multilingual speakers of English and are available to any student who is taking an EWP or IWP composition course (like ENGL 111, 121, 131, 197, 198, 199, 297, 298 or 299) and who would like additional English language support.

ESL Studios are 2-credit (C/NC) studio courses (offered under
General Studies 391
) that meet two days a week for 50 minutes. In the studios, students build advanced vocabulary skills, focus on reading skills to help comprehend and analyze complex texts, and review and analyze grammar structures, focusing on how they apply to organization and produce different effects in academic writing.

Follow-up surveys confirm that the Studios are extremely successful in supporting multilingual students' awareness and ability to make use of a wide range of resources to become more confident and effective writers and self-editors. For general course information, please contact the instructor listed in the time schedule. There are no add codes required. Enrollment is capped at 10 students per section.
I want free one-to-one help from a peer tutor on writing for a class, and I want it late at night = CLUE
Center for Learning and Undergraduate Enrichment
is a free late-night, multidisciplinary study center open to all UW students. We offer drop-in tutoring for
and various
foreign languages
. CLUE also holds writing workshops as well as course-specific review sessions for popular first- and second-year classes. We're open Sunday-Thursday from 6:30 p.m. to midnight in Mary Gates Hall as well as Monday-Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the HUB. For more information, please visit
International Student Services
The professionally trained staff at ISS (in Schmitz Hall 459 (206) 221-7857)
helps students understand benefits and restrictions of F-1 and J-1 visa status
, as well as changing to those statuses. The ISS site also posts news and updates, works with international students seeking
campus employment
, and provides a “live chat” option for students currently studying at the University of Washington. http://iss.washington.edu/
Academic Advising
Undergraduate Academic Advising (UAA): There are nearly 200 advisers at the UW. You can find one – or more – and start building your education team at UAA.
30-minute advising appointments
to help students make decisions about classes are available by calling (206) 543-2550 or stopping by the Center for Undergraduate Advising, Diversity & Student Success in 141 Mary Gates Hall. Quick Questions can be answered in person M-F between 9:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m., or sent to advice@uw.edu.
FIUTS is proud to serve the global community of the University of Washington and the Puget Sound Region. All students and scholars, international and domestic, and members of the local community are welcome to get involved with FIUTS and its programs. FIUTS coordinates UW’s
International Student Orientation
, offers a variety of events and programs including
Wednesday Lunch
World to Work
short-term homestays
, and
opportunities for leadership
conversation partners
, and
K-12 education outreach
. http://www.fiuts.org/students
Foundation for International Understanding Through Students
Departmental Writing Centers
Some small writing centers focus on writing within a particular discipline, but these are often open to any student taking a course in that department. Departmental writing centers are housed in
Political Science/Jackson School/Law Societies & Justice
, and
. Information about these specific writing centers may be found at http://guides.lib.washington.edu/content.php?pid=69943&sid=518797.
Career Center
The Career Center, 134 Mary Gates Hall, (206) 543-0535, helps students “to successfully connect their academic accomplishments with a wide variety of employers and to move forward in their roles as well-educated world citizens.” The Career Center provides “a full spectrum of services, from self-exploration and decision-making to understanding career options, from knowing how to prepare for the work world to making significant contributions to employers and the community.” Services include
in-person and online workshops
information about jobs and internships
, and
consultation on writing and revising resumes and cover letters
Instructional Center (IC)
Office of Minority Affairs and Diversity Educational Opportunity Program Instructional Center: The Instructional Center, 1307 N.E. 40th Street, Room 240; 206.543.4240, provides academic support
for EOP students
. In addition to
drop-in tutoring
, the Center offers
writing support
study skills classes
test preparation classes
graduate exam preparation
, and a
computer lab
for students. The Instructional Center operates in autumn, winter, spring, and summer quarters. http://depts.washington.edu/ic
Student Athletic Academic Services (SAAS)
SAAS provides academic and logistical support to UW student-athletes. SAAS advisers, like those at UAA Advising and Office of Minority Affairs & Diversity Counseling Services, are generalists. Their goal is to provide
the support required to succeed academically and personally at the UW. In addition to advising, SAAS offers
access to tutoring and a learning specialist
, a
computer lab
, and
programs fostering career development and life skills
. http://www.gohuskies.com/ViewArticle.dbml?DB_OEM_ID=30200&ATCLID=208558579/academics.html
"How can I find the help I want?"
Ask yourself good questions about what you are looking for...
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