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Nerve Cell

No description

on 6 October 2014

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Transcript of Nerve Cell

Nerve Cell
Sohil Shah
Amy Suh
AP Biology - Seese
What is a nerve cell?
Nerve cells:
aka neurons
specialized cells designed to stimulate other cells in the body in order to communicate.
smallest unit of the nervous system
Shapes and sizes of nerve cells vary depending on the type of nerve cell.
Neurons are classified by the number of extensions from a neuron's soma
Nerve cells receive, carry, and pass electrical impulses, essentially carrying messages around our body
In order to send and receive messages from the brain to the rest of the body, neurons have a long, branched shape that aids in the electrochemical process.
~~Special Stuff~~
-stops reproduction shortly after birth
-connections between neurons occur in an empty space:
(chemicals such as seratonin, dopamine, etc.)
-special structures:
dendrites, axons, terminals
**Vesicles transport neurotransmitters across the synapse
All neurons have basic structures specific to nerve cells
Multipolar Neuron
Why Should We Care About Nerve Cells?
Because they transport EVERYTHING to and from our brain and central nervous system!
Without them we cannot smell, hear, see, feel, & move
Without them, you cannot live!
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