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Nursery for a baby

David Cubias

on 14 December 2010

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Transcript of nursury

Nusery This designer that has been hired by a couple who are 25. This couple is Mr. and Mrs. Johnson. They are having twins. They are expecting a boy and a girl. They are wanting you to create a nursery that will be suitable for both babies. You have talked to them about the budget and it has been determined that they have an $8000 budget. With the budget they need furniture, bedding, storage, and other accessories This is too Cribs for too Twins the One on the left is for a boy and the one on the right is for a Girl This is a basket to put assosries for the twins Both Basket 70.00 Dollars Both Cribs are the one on the left cost 500.00 Dollars and the one on the right cost 900.00 Dollars This is hard wood flooring The room is a 12' x 14' x 10'. This is A door 1 large door in the room. This is a window There are 2 windows This is Too cradel both For one girl and the other for a boy Cradel cost 74.99 Each! this is a piant bucket for the nusery room and its bright Yellow and its 1 gallon but bought 3- 1/3 of bucket of piant to piant the nusery room in total of piant is 60.00-20.00 dollors each! This is a droore/changing area for both baby twins! and it cost 400.00 Dollors Door cost 18.00 Dollors Window cost 20.00 dollors EaCH ! tHIS IS A dIPPER hOLDER lEFT FOR A BOY RIGHT FOR A GIRL BOTH COST 25.00 DOLLORS eACH!
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