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IMS Awarness Session

Apresentação feita para a displina Gestão Industrial do curso Técnico em Fundição do SENAI-CETEF.

Nissreen Mohamed

on 8 April 2014

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Transcript of IMS Awarness Session

An integrated management system combines all related components of a business into one system for easier management and operations.
Not separate system
s, rather integrated with
so that similar processes are managed and executed without
. IMS components common to all the systems include the resources (people, facilities & equipment, etc.) and processes (documented in the QMS/EMS/OHS and applied throughout the organization).
ISO 9001 2008
ISO 14001 2004
OHSAS 18001 2007
IMS Awarness
What is IMS?
Why IMS?
IMS Framework
QHSE Policy
QHSE Objectives
IMS Procedures
QHSE Elements
O comitê de segurança da ISO rejeitou a
padronização da OHSAS devido a grande diferença
entre a legislação de cada país.
why IMS?
All three Standards have a document control requirement
The control of records is specified in all three
Training, competence and awareness is seen in all three
All three have a requirement for internal auditing
Management review is seen as critical for all three
Standards Monitoring and measuring devices are referred to in each
Continual improvement is key to all three
Corrective and Preventative Action are major requirements
An IMS can therefore reduce the auditing time on site because some elements only need to be verified once, advoids duplication & lead to a more efficient management process.

3 Standards
Towards Excellence
Quality Management System
Focuses towards meeting customer requirements & enhancing customer satisfaction
How do we know requirements have been meet?
Review= Confirm that requirements are accurate.
Verify= Measure accuracy of output against requirements.
Validate= Get feedback from customer.
In Environment, we are managing our environmental aspects
Making Reports
Use of Paper
Depletion of Natural Resources
Use of Energy
Depletion of Natural Resources
Use of Paper and the Use of Energy are called the Environmental Aspects of Making a Report
In Occupational Health and Safety, we are managing our health and safety risks in the workplace

Safety policy
Safety Organization
In-house safety rules
Inspection program
Personal protective equipment
Accident investigation
Emergency preparedness
Evaluation of sub contractors
Safety committees
Job hazard analysis
safety promotion
Process control program
Health assurance program
14 Elements
Reduces Cost by:
Energy Conservation
Resource Reduction
Minimize Liabilities
Prevent penalties and other sanctions
(Notice of Violations)
Reduce Accidents from the work place
Reduce worker's compensation cost in insurance premium and other health care cost
Creates a more efficient and effective operations
Improve Corporate Image
Enhances and Aids Corporate Social Responsibility
Increases customer satisfaction
Competitive Advantage
Vision Valley QHSE Policy
Vision Valley is committed to provide superior quality & integrated products and services to our customers.

We conduct our activities in a manner, which will provide maximum protection against health, safety and environmental risks to our employees, contractors, customers and other related parties.

We comply with all applicable legislative requirements, which form part of our QHSE management system incorporating ISO 9001: 2008, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007.

We conserve and preserve the environment and ensure prevention of pollution during executing our work activities.
Vision Valley QHSE Policy
Through continued monitoring and improvement of our integrated management system, we will endeavor to meet and exceed the expectations of our customers, employees and other related parties.

We encourage all employees to be proactive and involved in the development and success of our QHSE management system.

It is the Policy of VISION VALLEY to take all possible steps to ensure the health, safety, environment and welfare of all employees and other persons engaged in work for the organization and any third parties who come into contact with the business.

Vision Valley QHSE Policy
It is the duty of each employee to comply with the company safety policy and to co-operate with the management of the company to ensure that the work place remains as safe as possible.

If any person is in any doubt as to whether anything is safe or unsafe then they must assume that it is unsafe until further guidance has been given by their manager or by the safety officer.

The Partners of the company are fully committed to maintaining safe systems of work and fully recognizes their overall responsibility for safety in the work place.

Any member of staff who does not comply with this safety policy or any other safety requirement will be liable to disciplinary action.

QHSE Objectives
Reduce electricity use by 10% by ....
Reduce fuel use by 15% by ....
Reduce water use by 10% by...
reducing numbers of reportable incidents by 10%
Reduce the amount of time lost as a result of incident/accident by....
Accurate consumption reporting on energy, fuel
used for business, travel, waste & water
Reduce the process cycle by 10% through effective risk assessment
Things to take into consideration:
The ability to control;
The ability to track/measure;
The cost to track/measure; and
Progress reporting.
IMS Procedures
Control of Documents
Control of Records
Internal Audits
Non-conforming Product Control
Corrective Actions
Preventive Actions
Risk Assessment
Operational Controls
Accident and Incident Investigation
Emergency Preparedness and Response
Identification & Evaluation of Environmental Aspects
IMS Manuals

Basic requirement to impelemnt IMS
Business processes
On a peace of paper write down your department processes & sub-processes
Control of Document & Record
all documents shall be approved for adequacy prior to use
review and update as necessary and re-approve documents
ensure that changes and current revision status of documents are identified
ensure that relevant versions of applicable quality documents are available at points of use
prevent the unintended use of obsolete documents and to apply suitable identification to them if they are retained for any purpose

The standard format for QHSE documents shall include, as appropriate:

• header and footer on each page containing: document name, document number, revision level,
latest revision date, latest printed date, page number
• scope and objectives
• applicability
• related documents
• procedure
• responsibilities
• record retention
• document control
• document revision history
• approval and date

Create Doc.
Get Approval
Distribute Doc.
Review Doc.
Amend Doc
Get Re-approval
Update Register
Identify External Doc
Register Ext. Doc.
Check for updates
Update Register
Obsolete Doc.
Stamp obsolete if retained
Accident related Definitions:
Accident: Any event that has resulted in injury, damage or loss

Incident: Event that gave rise to an accident or had the potential to lead to an accident

Near miss: Any incident which could have but did not result in injury, damage or loss (the term ‘incident’ includes ‘near misses)

Fatality (FTL): A death resulting from a work injury regardless of the time between injury & death

Loss Time Injury (LTI): The sum of fatalities, permanent total disabilities, permanent partial disabilities and lost workdays cases.

Accident Reporting & Investigation
Immediate action should be take;

Call the safety officer or first aid officer
If not available take the injured person to the nearest hospital
Report the details to the safety officer and the direct manager after helping the injured person;

Fill the accident report with the below data:

staff member's name
how the injury occurred
nature of the injury (if known)
details of any first aid administered
location where incident occurred
names of witnesses to the incident
time and date of incident
time and date reported to supervisor.
Photos if possible

QHSE Officer Duties:
Ensure that his department at all times is in compliance with QHSE requirements.
Ensure that customer requirements are met as promised without any compromise on quality of work.
Review all the expected outputs from his department & ensure that they meet the QHSE standards and the company rules.
Inspection of all work/sites places, the promotion of the safe conduct of work, hazard identification techniques and communication of corrective measures to management.
Follow up Work permits with the customer.
Conduct safety induction for the team on site.
Assess the need for HSE training and add them to the training matrix.
Communicate emergency preparedness procedures on site.
Ensures that PPEs are in a good condition and the team is using them on site.
Investigating of all types of accidents & Reporting to EHS as well as accident prevention and maintaining accident records
Ensure HSE trainings are provided for the team and maintain records.
Carrying out Job Safety Analysis to determine “Hazards of the operations/activity” and facilitating suitable solutions.
Ensure that toolbox meetings are conducted before executing the job activities.

Game Time
QHSE Elements
Leadership and Commitment
Policy and Strategic Objectives
Organization and Communication
Hazards and Effects Management
Purchasing and Subcontractor Management
Design, Construction and Commissioning
Operations and Maintenance
Change Management
Incident Notification, Investigation and Reporting
Crisis and Emergency Management
Occupational Health and Safety
Environmental Management
Documentation and Legal Requirements
Performance Monitoring, Assessment, Review and Improvement

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