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Animals in Sport: Horse Racing

No description

Janice Wong

on 1 February 2013

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Transcript of Animals in Sport: Horse Racing

YES! It's okay... Horse racing is actually rather humane.
Horses, specifically champion and breeding horses are well-treated. for example... the GRAND NATIONAL Horse Racing BUT.... Horses with little value or have outlived their usefulness are treated really badly. :( When a horse is considered no longer useful, it would be downgraded to the mid-ranged horses or even worse.They would be treated badly,may even be sold for slaughter IT'S STILL GOOD, BECAUSE... We are the vice regents of God on earth.
We are made more superior than the animals and are given the power to control over them. HOWEVER... by Audrey Yim & Janice Wong Animal in Sports: Horse Racing - a sporting event
- horses may be ridden or driven by jockeys to compete for the best time around a track
a. flat races
b. courses with jumps
c. on other kind of grounds: eg. turf or sand

-Used for gambling
(a very profitable industry) National Hunt horse race that held annually at Aintree’s Racecourse, near Liverpool in England. SO IS HORSE RACING GOOD AND SHOULD BE SUPPORTED? body massage for horseys horse stunned in slaughter house eg. Jockey controlling, leading the horse during the race Besides, interactions and affectionate contact between horses and human actually make them happy! :D Racing horses are often abused before races in order to enhance their performance.
eg. forced to take strong drugs, being beaten Are we...
abusing our power?

forgetting our duties as the stewards of God's creation?

taking advantages of the horses' pureness and tameness? BUT IT HELPS THE HORSES AS WELL SINCE... Horses are naturally COMPETITIVE WHAT ABOUT THE WHIPPING. The intention of the jockey whipping during the race is to promote UNNATURAL SPEED. TO WIN THE OTHER HORSE.

- hurts the horse both mentally and physically :( more argument AGAINST IT'S DANGEROUS. GRAND NATIONAL
2012 money business $$ In every race, the spectators frequently place bets on the results of the race, making racing a very profitable industry.
Being placed bet on might be indirectly taking away the dignity of the horses.
Horses have feelings too. RELIGIOUS ATTITUDES Christianity ' God said (to humans), ' Be fruitful and increase in number; fill the earth and subdue it. Rule over the fish and the birds of the air and over every living creature that moves on the ground. ‘ --- Genesis Since animals are part of God's sacred creation, humans have a duty as stewards to protect and take good care of them. 'Are not five sparrows sold for two pennies? Yet not one of them is forgotten by God.'
--- Luke 12 Islam On earth, Human are second in command after God, called ‘Kalifah’ hence our right over the animals, along with the responsibility of taking good care of them. ‘’Behold, your Lord said to the angels. ‘I will create a vice-regents on earth.’ '' ---Qur'an 2:30 However, to the Muslims, animals have feelings and a reason for living, like us humans.
Therefore, horses should not be manipulated and put into races which is rather dangerous to them. ‘’ If someone kills a sparrow for sport, the sparrow will cry out on the Day of Judgement, ‘O Lord! That person killed me for nothing! He did not kill me for useful purpose,’’ --- Hadith what does the LAW say? Horse racing is legal, but there are rules.

Animal Welfare Act 2006 (renewed in 2011)
Carried out and monitored by the British Horseracing Authority
Applies to jockeys, racehorse owners and racehorse managers DONT BREAK THESE RULES From 10th October,2011
The whip is only allowed to use the whip 7 times in flat races and 8 in races over jumps.
A maximum of five strokes can be used in the last furlong or from the final obstacle. OR ELSE ... -if the use of whip is violated, suspensions and financial penalties will be given.
-face a suspension of 3 days or more
- financial penalty
- riders could not get any pay from their winnings SO WHAT DO YOU THINK? IS HORSE RACING RIGHT? the end :) Thanks for listening !
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