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Gene Therapy

A [simple] Prezi about Gene Therapy and how it works. Created by Taylor Welsch and Jensen Li.

Jensen Lee

on 17 June 2014

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Transcript of Gene Therapy

Gene therapy is when a gene is inserted into a cell to treat a disorder. (Genetics Home Reference)
Gene therapy can replace missing/defective genes, repair cancer cells, deactivate mutated genes, introduce a new gene that can fight viruses/bacteria, and much more. (Genetics Home Reference)
What is gene therapy?
Gene Therapy
Chronic Granulomatous Disorder (CGD)
Neurodegenerative Diseases
heart disease and diabetes

What are some of the diseases that gene therapy can help or cure?
Gene therapy is very expensive.
Gene therapy can cause other diseases, such as leukuema (BetterHealth)
Gene therapy can (rarely) cause death (Grolier)
What are some of the cons of gene therapy?
Gene therapy is the process of placing a human gene into the genetic material of a virus. (Grolier)
From there, the virus (usually a retrovirus - a RNA virus that can efficiently transfer genes) is allowed to infect the cell, makes a DNA copy of itself, and incorporates itself into the genetic material of the cell. (Grolier)
How does gene therapy work?
Easter Egg!
(Jensen, Taylor)
Gene therapy has the ability to cure past "incurable diseases". (Grolier)
Gene therapy can cure genetic diseases (diseases that a person was born with) (BetterHealth)
Gene therapy can disable "corrupt genes" (genes that don't function the way they should) (Grolier)

What are some of the
"pros" of gene therapy?
Is gene therapy guaranteed to work?
No, there is no guarantee that the viral enzyme will be able to introduce the correct gene.
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