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Social Media and Ashton Kutcher

Emily Trant

on 14 June 2015

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Transcript of Ch15case.Prezi

Introduction Page
Business 2.0 is the next generation of internet which utilizes a more mature, distinct communications platform. Due to Business 2.0's evolution, social media platforms and networking is now possible for personal or commercial use. Business 2.0 can connect friends, family, and celebrities to one another and get real-time information from around the world.
Chapter 15: Social Media & Ashton Kutcher
Conclusion Page
Social networking has become a necessity to grow celebrities brands and images because they are able to create and maintain profiles that serve as online identities within the environment and create relationships and connections between other people within the network (Baltzan, 2015).
Case Question 1
What is open source software, and can a business use it for a social networking platform?
Case Question 2
Create a plan for how a start up company could take advantage of Web 3.0, and generate ideas for the next website
Case Question 3
Evaluate the challenges facing social networking sites, and identify ways companies can prepare to face these issues.
Tewarie, S. (2014, May). Social media fan accounts: honoring a celebrity's brand or a trademark
violation? The Licensing Journal, 34(5), 24+. Retrieved from http://
Answer #1
Again, open source software refers to any software whose source code is made available free (not on fee or licensing basis as an ebusiness) for any third party to review and modify (Baltzan, 2015).
Answer #2
Answer #3
By: Emily Trant
What is open source software and how could Pintrest take advantage of it?
Opening Case Study Question #1
Categorize Pintrest as an example of Web 1.0 (ebusiness) or Web 2.0 (Business 2.0)
Opening Case Study Question #2
Answer to Study Question #2
Open source software refers to any software whose source code is made available freely (not on fee or licensing basis as an ebusiness) for any third party to review and modify (Baltzan, 2015).
Answer to Study Question #1
Pintrest is an example of Web 2.0 (Business 2.0) because the site relies on user participation and user-contributed content as opposed to text-based information.
Celebrities and the general public can incorporate tags, or specific keywords or phrases, into their websites and social media posts to help grow brand awareness through navigational linked pages.
Blogs are online journals which allow users to post their own comments, graphics, and videos. American web designer and entrepreneur, David Karp, believes that "where celebrities go, fans will follow" and it is encouraged for celebrities to set up social media accounts to compliment and strengthen their business plans.
The Importance of Social Media and Networking
Social media has become a powerful marketing tool, allowing celebrities to develop their brands and images with the help of Facebook updates or Tweets that can reach millions of fans at the same time (Tewarie, 2014).
Accounts on social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pintrest have become such branding, marketing, and communicating necessities that authors are taking to the subject with tips on how everyone can positively impact and grow their social media presence.
Author of
Power Friending,
Amber Mac, admits that before one can create a strategy, there are rules--the ABCs of Internet friending--that need to be followed.
A is for authenticity.
This is pretty straight-forward: Don't talk about authenticity, but present yourself or your company in an authentic way.
B is for bravery
. Being brave, Mac writes, "means dealing with criticism" but also coming up with innovative ideas.
C is for consistency
. Oftentimes, businesses get on the right track by beginning to engage online, but they fail to commit on a long-term basis. A lack of consistency will lose your audience.
(Ketter, 2010)
Ketter, P. (2010, August). Choose your friends wisely. T+D, 64(8), 74. Retrieved from http://
Any business can use open source software for social networking platforms because of the freedom of remix and distribution, in other words, taking a public set of works and altering it to make it their own and more personally useful. Businesses that use open source software can also communicate with other businesses due to high degrees of cooperation involves with such software.
Need additional help understanding open source software? Check out the LEGO inspired video below (Socialsquare, 2014).

Chapter 15
Case Overviews
'Obama on Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter'
Myspace agreed to build ad-free pages and equipped the profile to get automatic updates from the White House's official blog.
'John Legend Taps Tumblr'
As mentioned in the textbook, many big names in business (including Dell CEO Michael Dell) use the professional networking site LinkedIn, more as a business tool than to amass legions of followers. Whatever their reasons for being on the site, LinkedIn uses the fact that executives from all of
500 biggest companies are among its members to encourage other businesspeople to join the site, too.
Facebook worked with the handlers of select celebrity members, including CBS news anchor Katie Couric and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, to get feedback on the new design of the site before it was opened to the public
Twitter co-founder Biz Stone credits high-profile users like actor Ashton Kutcher and basketball professional Shaquille O'Neal for bringing attention to the site of 140-character messages but says the company doesn't reserve any “special resources” for them.
Some privileged members of Facebook have also been assigned “vanity URLs,” or short, simple, personalized web addresses such as www.facebook.com/KatieCouric.

In addition to their promotional value, social networking celebrities represent a potential revenue source for these young start-ups, such as Tumblr.
Many content creators are bypassing standard distribution channels for their performances and instead are using social media to promote their own channels for distribution, which are less costly to consumers, produce higher revenues, and reach out directly to faster grow their fan base (Clayton, 2013).
“The next generation of celebrities and social networks is in much richer and deeper collaborations [with fans] than what you see today on the more general social networks out there,” says Ning CEO Gina Bianchini.
Social media is helping communities network and collaborate but can create challenges in regards to validity of information and ownership.
Social networking is made possible by connecting people based on matching profile information- by far one of the greatest advantages of Business 2.0 (Baltzan, 2015).

Clayton, T. (2013, January). 5 Ways Celebrities' Social Media Presence Evolved in 2012.
Retrieved from Huffington Post website: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/thomas-clayton/celebrities-social-media_b_2529151.html
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Information Page
The Importance of Social Media and Networking
Tips on Successful Social Networking
Case Overviews
Opening Case Question #1 and Answer
Opening Case Question #2 and Answer
Case Question #1 and Answer
Case Question #2 and Answer
Case Question #3 and Answer
Reference Page
Pintrest can take advantage of open source software by accessing other social media platforms and communicating with their software developers to exchange ideas and knowledge. Pintrest could also take advantage of open source software by making alterations to other software's existing coding thus, advancing the technology and customizing it .
As mention in the text, "Where Web 2.0 brings people closer together with information using machines, Web 3.0 brings machines closer together using information"(Baltzan, 2015). A start up company could take advantage of Web 3.0 by developing websites that can tailor online searches and requests specifically to user's preferences and needs.
As an example, I think a new dating website could feature different services from matching people based on interests to coming up with creative date ideas for less awkward first dates or plans for existing couples. For instance, if a user typed in they wanted to do 'something adventurous outdoors with lunch included' the software could figure out where and when the date would be held, coupon/savings opportunities, and provide feedback with an array of options such as in this case backpack picnic while zip ling or on a hot air balloon to swimming with dolphins in an all inclusive package.
Facebook has been credited by political commentators as having a role in the election of Barack Obama for U.S president and facilitating revolutions in the Middle East ('The Global Impact of Social Media', 2012).
'Introduction to The Global Impact of Social Media: Current Controversies'. (2012). In D. Bryfonski
(Ed.), Current Controversies. The Global Impact of Social Media. Detroit: Greenhaven Press. Retrieved from http://ic.galegroup.com/ic/ovic/ReferenceDetailsPage/ReferenceDetailsWindowfailOverType=&query=&prodId=OVIC&windowstate=normal&contentModules=&displayquery=&mode=view&displayGroupName=Reference&limiter=&currPage=&disableHighlighting=false&displayGroups=&sortBy=&search_within_results=&p=OVIC&action=e&catId=&activityType=&scanId=&documentId=GALE%7CEJ3010779101&source=Bookmark&u=mlin_n_merrcol&jsid=8c125d8b334c9291a0cad4b73abb8b85
'Internet Social Networking Risks'. (n.d.). (2015, June). Retrieved from Federal Bureau of Investigation website: https://www.fbi.gov/
Some challenges facing social networking sites are information vandalism, technology dependence, and violations of copyright and plagiarism.
Problem 1
. Vandalism is made possible due to open source software which, allow anyone to edit anything and individuals to purposely damage, destroy, or vandalize website content.

Action 1
: Companies have prepared to face this issue by downloading software which can track updates and changes to ensure the particular site can be restored if faltered with.
Problem 2
. Many people today rely on technology for day to day activities and relationship connections. As mentioned in the text, "as society becomes more technology-dependent, outages hold potential to cause ever-greater havoc".
Action 2
: No significant action has been made as of yet. In fact the dependence is expected to become a lot worse. According to the the Harvard Business Review, by 2017 Chief Marketing Technologists will be encouraged to spend more time online with technology than Chief Information Officers.
Problem 3
: As stated by the textbook, "online collaboration makes plagiarism as easy as clicking a mouse". Violations of Copyright and Plagiarism occur especially because their the material usually is in blogs or wikis and cannot be traced to a single person.
Action 3
: Corporations and other businesses will continue to enforce clearly stated copyright and plagiarism policies.
Baltzan, Paige. (2015). Business Driven Technology. New York, NY: McGraw-Hill Education, 6th Edition
(Baltzan, 2015)
(Baltzan, 2015)
(Baltzan, 2015)
Socialsquare. (2014, March 7). What is Open Source Explained in LEGO [Video file]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?
(Baltzan, 2015)
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