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Vocab 2 18 2013

No description

Erin McNaughton

on 18 February 2013

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Transcript of Vocab 2 18 2013

Vocabulary 2/18/2013 unanimously- reputation- precedent- (n) something that serves
as an example or rule
to be followed in the future (adv) agreed to by all (n) good name;
the character seen
or judged by others justify (v) to show to
be just, right, or legal inevitably - (adv) as is to be
expected doctrine - indignity (indignities) - inferior- civil affairs - barrier - (n) something that is taught;
a principle (basic truth) (n) an act that injures a person’s dignity or self-respect (adj) of little or less importance or value n) something that blocks the way (fence, railing, or natural obstacle) America was founded on a doctrine of equality for all people. She tried to justify why she was in the hall without a pass, but she got in trouble anyway. The teacher explained that she could not allow the student to talk without permission or it would set a precedent for other students that it was okay to blurt out. African Americans sadly suffered many indignities before and during the Civil Rights movement. It is wrong to treat anyone as if they are inferior or look down on them because they are different than us. (n) a military unit made up of civilians that work with civilian peace operations; The civil affairs unit came in and helped the town clean up the debris from the hurricane.
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